Did you study in an academic environment?

I studied Industrial Design in Bezalel.


How did you acquire the skills required for your field of expertise?

Whilst studying in Bezalel at the Department of Industrial Design, I got a bit involved in graphic design, but most of my skills are in product development from the initial idea up to shelf. After opening my successful eCommerce business “King George Lamps”, and becoming a successful store owner, I found myself doing many things on my own – website building, marketing, customer service, etc. All of these in the end gave me a significant advantage. The tools I acquired during my studies and applying them in the business helped me a lot.

I am currently undergoing a re-branding process at ADCORE, so it turns out that I do tons of research, watch videos and talk to older professionals while I work, in order to lead the branding in a clear and good way.


How did you end up in the current position?

I knew I wanted to expand horizons in graphic design field and UX/UI, so after a brief search on LinkedIn I found my current place.


Is there anything you would change in your trajectory for this role?



What was the most challenging question in the job interview, and how did you deal with it?

True story!

The Question was: If you could go back in time, where would you go to?


Answer: I have been trying to read classic literature lately. I just read the biography of the famous jeweler and sculptor from Navanuto Cellini, where a scene is depicted showing his masterpiece at the town square, a huge bronze statue of Perseus after decapitating Medusa. The sculpture is truly exceptional and the way he describes the creative process is very exciting.

There was a custom in Italy at that time that the whole city would do some sort of rating by writing poetry, and attaching it to the pillars surrounding the square where the statues are displayed. And I thought to myself when I read that I’d like to be there at that moment. (Yes… those exact words came out of my mouth and they received me – who would have thought).


How long did it take you to feel in control of the profession?

I think it’s never quite there, but I think it’s nice to know how to match words to mistakes, when something is not good then the feeling unconsciously becomes the way to a solution. This is a diligent job as the market is constantly changing and requires continuous learning.


Do you have any good advice for those who want to start a career in your field?

Start charging money for your work, even if it’s from your friends. This will obligate you to adapt your skills and your own and others expectations


What trait, habit or custom distinguishes you from the rest of the office staff?

Always styling my lunch plate.


Which tool helps you the most at work?

It sounds banal, but really intuition is the main tool. Most of the work depends on the environments and people to whom I design emotional experiences. Technological tools are constantly changing in relation to work, so instincts need to be kept sharp.


When is the time to move to a new position?

Once you fail to challenge yourself and those around you.


What is the most effective method of raising significant wages?

To expand your importance onto society.


Share with us your insights from the high-tech industry in Israel, from your perspective.

Work hard and learn fast.


What did you dream of becoming when you were a kid?

A singer in a rock band.


What is the best moment of your day?

The back and forth ride – it’s great to think about the beginning and the end of a workday.


What makes you waste the most time?

Reading news online.


What is the most annoying thing colleagues at work do?

Having a banal song as an earworm, such as “Time to say goodbye” for example.


What helps you survive through the day?

Microwaved cooked mushrooms (my life is a patent that works).


What do friends in the cafeteria talk about nowadays?

It’s divided between people who have children and those who do not. With the kids – what leftovers did you bring from Shabbat? Those without children – come on, who’s coming to Petrozilia?


What’s the thing that has kept you busy lately?

Does purple match pink? Does pink match blue? Why pink?! Why Purple?!! Why?!!!


Do you even have a life outside of work? If so, what’s the trick?

Yes! Buy a bike and stop with public transport!


What’s the corner/”your” area in your home?

No doubt the shower. I travel a lot by bike and I ‘m from Jerusalem, so my body is still getting used to this climate change.


On what do you spend most of your paycheck on (other than apartment fees)?

Delicious food, gifts for everyone! I mean, finally there’s salary…


Last question – what’s the plan for tonight?

An indulgent dinner, probably something crispy in the oven with a glass of wine, then watching a movie with my fiancée.

7:30 This is how mornings begin

8:45 Arrives at work and changes clothes

10:30 AM serious job mode

13:00  Refreshing on the balcony + lunch. Herzl would have been proud

15:15  Branding meeting with CEO Omri

17:00  SAS marketing and sales team meeting

Name: Choni Beigel

Age: 27

Residence: Givatayim

Job: Graphic Designer

Company Name: Adcore

What the company does: A digital agency which develops advanced automation tools for Search engine campaigns.

Operating system? Windows and iOS, I love both, but for tri-Windows software

Where to shop? AliExpress \ Alibaba

How do you get to work? Regular bicycles

How long does it take? 20 minutes more or less

What do you eat for lunch? What’s in the fridge at home, combined with what’s in the fridge at work, and together with friends from the office

What are you watching? Dark, one of the most excellent series which has been released in recent years. A combination between Twin Peaks and Stranger Things

What’s the last book you read? The Black Tulip by Alexander Dumas, highly recommend. A truly amazing story, the Esther Scroll of the Dutch people.

Where do you spend on Friday morning? We work on Friday, and have Sunday’s off! Thank you America!

What music do you listen to? A lot of the time folk, bands like Fleet Foxes. Lately I find myself listening to a great band called Hiatus Kaiyote

Recommendation for coffee in your city? Rooney’s coffee is the best, next to my job on Ahad Ha’am Street. Great sandwiches and espresso

What is your bank account state? Positive, thank god

“You want to start a career in this field? Start charging money for your work, even if it’s from your friends. This will obligate you to adapt your skills and your own and others expectations”

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