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Dynamic Campaign Creation Dynamic Campaign Creation

Link your product feed to adCore to quickly and easily turn your website into dynamic online search campaigns. Based on your feed inventory, adCore will generate all your keywords, ad groups, and ads and submit your newly created campaigns to major search and shopping comparison engines. adCore will automatically update your campaigns based on changes in your product inventory, including stock and price changes.

You can also duplicate campaigns from AdWords to other search channels and create new search keywords using adCore's Keyword Tool.

Optimization Automation

Save time, money and stress by automating your routine campaign optimization tasks. adCore's Automation Rule Engine lets you take a rule-based approach to your campaign management by writing tailor-made rules or using public rules written by other adCore users.

Set up rules related to cost per click, ad position, drops in quality score, or even changes in costs per conversion, and then tell adCore what to do when a particular event occurs. Want adCore to pause the campaign or increase the cost per click by x? No problem - you're in charge!

Go beyond basic bid management by automating rules to add or exclude: search terms, auto placements and URLs.
Optimization Automation

Reporting Made Easy
Reporting Made Easy

With adCore's Performance Monitoring Dashboard you can easily monitor your campaign performance starting at the client/domain level and down to the campaign or even keyword level. Based on your campaign performance data, adCore automatically assembles your reports for your review or you can set it to automatically send reports to your clients.

adCore's fully automated reporting process lets you track and report on keyword performance across all major search engines, including Google and Microsoft Ad Center/Yahoo!.

Simpler Client Management

Simplify the monotonous but necessary tasks associated with creating, optimizing and reporting on your search campaigns for multiple clients.

Agencies can manage multiple clients, set user permissions and automate contracts, client billing and more.

Upgrade your clients' user experience with daily, weekly or monthly custom branded email reports.
Simpler Client Management

Be Part of the Community
Be Part of the Community

adCore is the world's first crowd-wisdom SEM tool, creating a community of SEM experts that interact and learn from each other's best practices.

Every user action contributes to the system wisdom, so other users can benefit from the collective knowledge.

Everyone gains from adCore's wisdom of the crowd by applying rules to their campaigns based on their effectiveness and popularity.