Are you looking for a smarter way to gain an edge in digital marketing? If you answered yes, then you’ve probably thought about looking into pay-per-click (PPC) blogs at least once. 

So, what are the best PPC marketers’ blogs in 2021? To help you in your search, we’ve combed through and analyzed dozens of marketing blogs before compiling this list. 

This article breaks down everything you need to know about the 13 best PPC blogs for digital marketers.

1. PPC Hero

With a focus on PPC strategies, case studies, and news, PPC Hero scoops the top spot for case studies, experiments, tips, tricks, and trends on PPC digital advertising. You’ll learn everything from simple how-to guides to advanced bid automation techniques and many more.

Perhaps the most remarkable feat about this marketing blog is that its writers are fearless. They are incredibly daring and speak their minds openly. Here’s more on what to expect with PPC Hero:

  • Webinars
  • Facebook and Google Ads
  • Insights on search marketing strategies
  • Info on advanced bid management strategies

Most Popular PPC Hero Articles

If you can make PPC Hero your hub of awesome content, you’ll find tremendous improvement on your marketing campaign with content like:

12 Important PPC Trends to Watch in 2021

Privacy Issues and the Return of Branding

8 Key PPC Marketing Metrics to Track in 2021

2. WordStream

WordStream provides a broad range of great information on PPC marketing. This is where your research becomes fascinating because the blog lifts the fog on all those tech-savvy terms and presents to you simplified info. 

If you’ve settled your heart on other blogs, you might also want to follow the WordStream blog for insights on:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • PPC pitfalls
  • Search marketing
  • Infographics and videos

Top WordStream Articles

You might love the following among tons more:

PPC Reporting Guide: How to Learn, Inform, and Impress with Your Data

What is OTT Advertising?

Expanded Text Ads are Over: Here’s What it Means

3. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal’s blog is dedicated to all things search engines. They have guides to social media, news about search engines, SEO and PPC content, and more.

As for PPC content, they have a section on their site dedicated to all things PPC, Ask a PPC Expert, everything you need to know about digital advertising, a PPC guide, and trends, as well as a beginner’s guide to Facebook ads.

Most Popular Search Engine Journal Articles:

Check out some of their most popular blogs about PPC!

How to Set up Profitable A/B Tests for PPC Success

Microsoft Ads Announces Plans to Move to New Feedback Platform

Are You Wasting Your Google Ads Budget? 11 Lessons Learned in Audits

4. Google Ads

The Google Ads platform is arguably the largest renowned PPC network. It’s, therefore, no surprise that their blog is a rich knowledge hub featuring the latest trends and updates in PPC strategies. For trends and data-based info, use Think With Google, the perfect way to get consumer insights, as well as marketing strategies and tools.

Your growth will benefit from the following insights available on Google Ads blog:

  • Tips on making your PPC campaign profitable
  • Changes in existing features and updates on upcoming ones
  • Tips and tricks that give you better insights and an edge in PPC advertising

Must-Read Google Ads Articles

You might want to start with the following articles:

How Retailers Can Stand Out This Holiday Season

New Ways to Find Deals and Shop on Google

A New Destination for Creative and Media Collaboration

5. Adcore

Adcore is all about helping you simplify your advertising efforts. It is the ultimate marketers’ blog offering excellent content that could drive your PPC campaigns to the next level.

Adcore specializes in digital marketing solutions with a specialty in advanced marketing automation for PPC. Savvy growth hackers stay up to date with trends in the digital marketing industry which are then presented seamlessly by Adcore’s experts. 

Here are some of the great insights you’ll enjoy with the Adcore blog:

  • Marketing automation tips
  • E-commerce trends
  • Marketing strategy
  • PPC tips and tricks
  • Best practices
  • Case studies

Top 2021 Adcore Blog Posts

Get your feet wet with Adcore’s top trending blog articles of 2021:

Google’s Performance Max Campaign: The Future Is Here

10 Best PPC Automation Tools for PPC Growth Hackers

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) – A Management Concept Worth Knowing

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6. ClickCease

ClickCease is an impression and click-fraud detection and protection software that is not affiliated with any search engine. It blocks invalid IPs and potential fake clicks from bots and competitors to boost your campaigns and help you secure more customers.

Overall, its users love and value it for helping them save on their advertising budgets. If you’re wondering why ClickCease should be on your shortlist, here’s some of the valuable content available on the ClickCease blog:

  • PPC tips and tricks
  • PPC guides and tutorials
  • Click fraud
  • AdWords (Google Ad)

Must-Read ClickCease Articles

Follow ClickCease for lovely insights like the following:

Ad Impressions: What Are You Really Paying For?

Using Google Ads Extensions For Marketing Success

How To Claim A Google Ads Refund For Invalid Clicks

7. HubSpot

HubSpot is another industry leader at the forefront of inbound marketing, sales and supports the software. HubSpot believes in helping millions grow better. As their CTO and founder put it, “Success is making those who believed in you look brilliant.” 

If you’re looking for stellar content on paid search blogs, HubSpot is one of the best PPC blogs. The HubSpot community features 150+ user groups, over 70,000 inbound registered attendees, more than 2.6 million social followers, and over 375,000 certified professionals in the HubSpot academy. The HubSpot blog registers more than 7 million visits monthly to crown it all.

In case you’re wondering what else makes this PPC blog so popular, it has zero fluff. Just fascinating, thought-provoking content you can use right away. As an outstanding digital marketing blog, HubSpot’s elite team offers the following types of content from a wide variety:

  • Downloadable templates
  • Easy to read hands-on guides
  • Infographics
  • Engaging exercises
  • Surveys

2021 Must Read HubSpot Articles

Include HubSpot on your list of the best marketing blogs to access awesome content on PPC ads and other digital marketing topics like:

The Ultimate Guide to PPC Marketing

How to Create a Sales Plan: Template + Examples

How to Do Market Research: A Guide and Template

8. Tinuiti

Tinuiti is an independent performance marketing firm specializing in retail advertising, eCommerce, and digital marketing strategy. It employs the impressive triopoly of Amazon, Facebook, and Google while driving conversions by matching inventory with consumer goals.

Tinuiti is also on toes with all the top trends in PPC. And if you’re looking to access actionable daily content, this is where you’ll find the best resources on retail advertising and eCommerce. 

Furthermore, one of the most respected digital marketers in the PPC community is Rick Backus, the founder, and CEO of CPC Strategy, which Tinuiti acquired.

Top Tinuiti Blogs of 2021

To stay ahead of the curve, simply tap into the wealth of resources available in the Tinuiti blog, including:

Google Smart Shopping Campaigns: Performance, Pros & Cons, and When to Use

How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works in 2021 and Best Practices

What is ESPN + Streaming Advertising?

9. Certified Knowledge

Certified Knowledge is an all-inclusive, membership-based community for PPC insight. If you’re wondering why you should consider Certified Knowledge, here’s what you stand to gain:

  • Stellar resources on PPC tools
  • Comprehensive guides
  • Advanced strategies
  • Google Ads video lessons
  • PPC industry news and trends

In addition, you’ll stay updated with all the latest news, including workshops, events, and highly insightful interviews with the industry titans. In fact, Brad Geddes, the founder of Certified Knowledge, is the only Google-approved Google Ads trainer who teaches advanced Google Ads courses.

Most Popular Certified Knowledge Post

Here’s something you might love:

From Conspiracy Theories to Hidden Agendas: Why Google Ads is Limiting Your Query Data

10. iSpionage

With a focus on PPC intelligence, SEO, and CRO, iSpionage helps you learn from the successes and failures of your competitors. Consequently, you can easily intercept your competitor’s traffic and uncover their conversion strategy.

Essentially, iSpionage is a search marketing intel provider that features valuable insights and strategies. It’s where agencies learn about Google Ads, how to optimize SEO quickly, and create top-performing PPC campaigns using information gathered from competitors. 

What’s more, the iSpionage blog offers valuable information that can help you make more prudent decisions, for instance, through search engine marketing and growth hacking.

Must Read iSpionage PPC Articles

Make iSpionage your archive of great content on PPC marketing and gain insights through articles such as:

How to Turn Google Ads with No Impressions into High-Performing PPC Campaigns

How Advertisers Can Run Effective PPC Campaigns in a Crisis: 7 Strategic and Tactical Tips

How to Create a PPC Campaign that Converts: Why the Best Template is No Template 

11. Clix Marketing

Clix Marketing brings you cutting-edge PPC strategies and consultation services. 

They’re pros when it comes to Display ad management and social media adverts. It also has a keen focus on problem-solving optimization, growth strategy, and consultation.

Their blog is written from vast experience in various PPC strategies. It’s almost always packed with content that you can immediately implement, whether you need help with reporting or comprehensive content dedicated to your agency’s goals.

Most Popular Clix Marketing Articles

Refresh your knowledge with informative posts on the Clix Marketing blog such as the following:

Q4 PPC Planning: eCommerce Search/Display/Shopping Tactics

Q4 PPC Planning: B2B Search and Display Tactics

Q4 PPC Planning: Creating an Ecomm Facebook Ad Plan

12. Search Engine Land

As the name implies, Search Engine Land is all about search engines: optimization, marketing, and the latest news on all things search engines. They not only have a top-of-the-line blog about search engine content, but they host webinars, have useful reports, and create white papers of marketing technologies, all for free. 

They also specifically have a section dedicated to PPC, including PPC-focused blogs, as well as plenty of information about PPC advertising, including both Google and Microsoft ads.

Must-See Search Engine Land Blogs:

Try one of the following for a good look into PPC.

Advertisers will now get more data in Google Ads… sort of; Friday’s daily brief

Microsoft Ads announces optimization score

Google search terms report adds historical query data for impressions without clicks

Bottom Line

There you have it. If you’ve made it this far, consider yourself up to date on all the latest PPC blogs you need to know about in 2021. 

As a PPC manager, one key aspect of digital marketing success is to stay on top of your game and keep up with the latest trends, tips, and tricks. By spending a little extra time on these digital marketing blogs, you’ll soon realize a significant improvement in your marketing efforts!

If you enjoyed reading this article, check out our other article on the Best PPC Online Courses in 2021.

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