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    Get Bored of Zoom Meetings? Meet Loomielive 3D Avatars


    Have you tried "LoomieLive" yet? LoomieLive's personalized 3D avatars will make you the star of your next zoom meeting.

    For millions of people that now work from home, video calls and virtual meetings have become the new normal. But while trying to fill the human connection gap with digital communication, the number of “Zoom fatigue” mentions has steadily increased since March.

    “Zoom fatigue” refers to the exhaustion felt from constant face-to-face video conferencing, which makes it challenging to remain connected to colleagues while we continue to engage socially from a distance.

    In other words, if you find it strange and unnatural to stare at your colleague’s face during a zoom meeting it is basically because it’s strange and unnatural behavior.

    But don’t go and turn off your cameras just yet! As “Loomielive”, a free platform recently released by “”, might have the solution to relieve your discomfort and get you a bit more excited for your next virtual happy hour.

    The “LoomieLive” platform allows users to create personalized 3D avatars and use them during their digital virtual communications.

    The result is that it dramatically reduces the fatigue associated with Zoom calls and helps promote productivity by being able to focus on the meeting content rather than your appearance.
    Oh, and it’s hilarious.

    How to create your own Loomie?

    Step 1 – download the app

    Download the Loomie app on your mobile device (available on iOS or Android) and create a user.

    Step 2 – take a selfie

    Open the app and take a selfie; the app will first create an avatar based on your selfie image.

    Select the avatar you like best. But, don’t worry – you can further personalize your choice by customizing all features afterward: hair, accessories, makeup, clothing, facial expressions, and much more!

    Step 3 – download the desktop app

    Download the desktop LoomieLive camera. Install the app and sign in using your Loomie login. Once logged, you will see the avatar that you have created.

    Step 4 – add your avatar to a Zoom meeting

    To use your Loomie avatar you need to run the LoomieLive camera on your desktop prior to opening Zoom. Then, join the Zoom meeting, select the arrow next to your video camera, and select LoomieLive Camera.

    This will pull video input from LoomieLive and will reflect your avatar instead of your FaceTime HD camera input.

    Important tip! If you’d like the avatar to mimic your facial expressions, make sure you switch to video mode in the LoomieLive interface.


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      Another important tip! If you’d like to integrate between live video and your avatar head choose the AR option.


      If you’d like to take a selfie with your avatar, ask a friend to join you in AR mode.

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