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    Google’s New Manager Account Dashboards

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    In April 2022, Google rolled out a new manager account dashboard, changing how users can access and view data. The big news is a welcomed change for anyone focusing on marketing across multiple accounts, including those operating as agencies and enterprises.

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    Previously, Google’s original design for the account dashboard in the Google Ads platform allowed reporting tasks on an individual level. While this can be helpful for single accounts, specialized marketers who handle multiple accounts or large enterprises face continual switching back and forth to view all the necessary data. 

    Facing other multiple restrictions for comparing data across several accounts, Google has since revisited the dashboard design, making this task more straightforward than before. In addition, their April 2022 update gives users more options for better marketing research. 

    The new manager account dashboard covers several critical aspects of the Google Ads platform. Users have access to: 

    • Manage, navigate, and search through multiple accounts through one single dashboard 
    • Creating and managing ad campaigns for multiple accounts at once
    • Effectively use alerts to monitor linked accounts
    • Controlling access to other users on multiple accounts 
    • Consolidating billing for easier accounting 
    • Compare the performance of multiple accounts simultaneously and generate reports for such 

    Google's new ad dashboards are a welcomed change specifically for those working on multiple accounts, including agencies and enterprises.

    Manager Account Updates 

    Because of the expansive viewing capabilities, Google has considered other features for a more user-friendly dashboard. Some beneficial additions to the new manager account dashboard include: 

    • Dynamic resizing options for dashboard cards and layouts 
    • Allowing conditional formatting, rich formatting features, and offering interactive table cards
    • Access for creating dashboard cards by copying over current reports 
    • Simultaneously change date ranges and necessary dashboard filters 
    • Options for downloading reports quicker and with higher quality

    Google Report Editor 

    The Report Editor provides a more detailed data analysis and presentation than the previous version. In addition, users can create different visual representations, including pie charts, bar graphs, or tables. 

    Account managers can share these reports immediately or schedule when and how often to share these reports. In addition, consolidated reporting methods can provide an aggregated look into potential problems or high-level marketing opportunities with a single view. 

    Why Are These Updates Important? 

    Although individual users may not benefit much from these updates, anyone who manages multiple accounts will find these recent changes advantageous. 

    Combining access makes marketing analysis more efficient and effective. For example, tracking online conversions, viewing advertising results, and current trends across several accounts can provide helpful information for future adjustments. 

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      Our Two Cents 

      The update to the Google Ads platform helped simplify the manager account dashboard’s use and increased download speeds. In addition, users have more filtering capabilities for date ranges across multiple accounts, copy existing reports, and add higher quality content.

      Account managers can invite additional users and customize access for various levels, depending on the need. Increase ROI by using advanced reporting tools and have more control over targeted ads with one straightforward dashboard. 

      Anyone with a Google Ads manager account now has access to the improved dashboard.

      Source: Google Ads Help



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