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    Microsoft Advertising Brings Cash Back Incentives to Ads

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    Everything You Need To Know in Less Than 50 Words

    Microsoft Advertising will offer ad options that incentivize shoppers by providing rebates for completing transactions. Microsoft Advertising will customize the amount of the rebate based on the ad and user, allowing advertisers to get the best return on ad spend (ROAS).

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    Cash back incentives are one way Microsoft is modernizing its advertising programs. These incentives will encourage users to purchase by offering a cash back rebate. This new initiative complements Microsoft’s other new advertising features that allow advertisers to develop customized multimedia and vertical ads.

    How Do Cash Back Incentives for Microsoft Ads Work?

    Customers will receive cash back rebates after they make a purchase.

    Microsoft has not announced where this cash will come from, but it will be from Microsoft Rewards or the advertiser. The amount of money a customer receives after their transaction will depend on the ad and the user.

    Microsoft recently announced new features to modernize Microsoft Advertising, including cash-back incentives for advertisements.

    Where Will People See These Ads?

    Your target customers will see ads across the Microsoft platforms they use in their professional and personal lives. These include the browser Microsoft Edge, search engine Bing, and Ads will also appear on Microsoft News (MSN) and LinkedIn.

    As people use these platforms, advertisements will appear that allow customers to receive a rebate if they follow the ad and make a purchase. This perk will likely increase advertisement click-through rates as potential customers click on the ads to receive rebates.

    How Will Cash Back Incentives Impact Advertisers?

    Microsoft’s cash-back incentives will benefit advertisers looking to reach their customers online. Cash back rebates are an excellent tool for prompting customers to purchase. The integration of cash back into advertising, especially with Microsoft’s customized approach, can significantly benefit advertisers.

    How Will the Ads Look Like?

    Microsoft’s Ad Creator allows advertisers to create customized ads to fit their needs. These ads can incorporate images and multimedia to improve your click-through rates. Ads can also be formatted vertically, which Microsoft believes effectively converts consumers.

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    How Much Money Will Customers Receive in the Rebate?

    Microsoft states the amount in the rebate will be the appropriate amount of cash back for the ad and user. This statement does not tell us much about how the company will calculate the rebate amount. Still, it does tell us that Microsoft Advertising will determine a customized rebate for each situation.

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      How Is This Incentive Different From Bing Cashback?

      Bing Cashback is an existing program that allows advertisers to provide cash back to customers who purchase after using the Bing search engine. The new Microsoft Advertising cash back incentives program is similar to Bing Cashback, but it has a broader reach across many platforms.

      Bing Cashback is available to companies headquartered in the United States with e-commerce platforms and the capability to ship product orders. Companies also had to manage a product data feed and place a tracking pixel on their order confirmation pages.

      Source: Microsoft Advertising



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