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    Microsoft Advertising Relaunches Certification Program and Learning Lab

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    Microsoft Advertising is committed to improving digital advertising professionals’ skills and keeping up with the latest industry trends. They relaunched their certification program and Learning Lab in order to meet those goals. Now is the ideal time for people looking to improve their digital advertising skills.

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    Microsoft Advertising Learning Lab and its certification program (Microsoft Advertising Certification Program; MACP) have both undergone significant updates in the company’s effort to improve its usability and efficiency.

    The Learning Lab offers online training and resources covering various topics, including the basics of setting up campaigns and advanced optimization strategies. The certification program will test your knowledge of Microsoft Advertising products and best practices. 

    You should take note of a few new features before diving in since each aspect of Microsoft Advertising received an upgrade.

    What’s New About the Learning Lab?

    Microsoft redesigned the Learning Lab to be more user-friendly, modern, and learning-focused. In the new Learning Lab, you will find:

    • Learning Paths
    • A dashboard and trophy case
    • Virtual events

    The Learning Paths will provide in-depth information for each certification course and help you prepare for exams, hone skills, and connect crucial ideas. 

    As you launch your Learning Path, complete exams, and earn badges, you’ll find your progress and completions logged in the dashboard and trophy case. You can easily manage your course load and stay on top of your goals. 

    Microsoft Advertising relaunched their certification program and Learning Lab; now is the ideal time to improve digital advertising skills.

    New Microsoft virtual events are a great way to learn about Microsoft Advertising solutions. You will learn how to apply the solutions to your brands and yield better results. The events are one-hour sessions facilitated by Microsoft Advertising specialists. You can register for and watch a recording if you miss one of the events.

    The new and improved Learning Lab will also include new courses such as Native and Display Advertising. This course will help develop your skills and understanding of native and display advertising tactics. 

    What’s New About the Microsoft Advertising Certification Program (MACP)?

    The new MACP includes updated coursework and a streamlined process for taking the exams. Microsoft is introducing three new specialized certifications: 

    • Microsoft Search Ads Certification
    • Microsoft Shopping Certification 
    • Microsoft Native and Display Certification 

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      Each certification will test your knowledge of a specific product area. When you successfully complete the exam, you will receive a digital badge. In addition, all MACP exams will now include scenario-based questions to better assess your ability to apply your skills in a real-world setting. 

      If you choose to take advantage of all three certification courses, you will receive a new Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional digital badge. You can dive right in if you already possess these skills or follow the Learning Path steps before each certification exam. 

      If the material seems new, you can take advantage of the preparation courses. These courses give you details about how the exam works, what you’ll need to know to complete the exam and practice questions with feedback. 

      Source: Microsoft Advertising 



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