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    The Launch of Netflix’s Basic with Ads Lower-Priced, AdSupported Plan, Is Announced

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    Everything You Need to Know in 50 Words or Less

    After only six months since its first announcement, Netflix, in partnership with Microsoft, is officially launching its new-lower tiered ad-supported plan on November 3, 2022, at 9 AM PT. The Basics with Ads plan will be offered alongside their standard and premium plan and will launch in 12 countries.

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    In July 2023, Netflix first announced that they’re working on an affordable lower-tiered subscription package that is partially supported with ads. After just six months, they have finally announced their lunch date for the new ad-supported subscription tier for November 3, 2023. 

    The new subscription tier will be offered in 12 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the US. Netflix users looking to switch to the basics with no ads tier can expect roughly 4 to 5 minutes of advertisement per hour of streaming. 

    What’s Included?

    The basics with the ads subscription plan will still include all of the TV shows and movies available on Netflix. Shows and movies can be viewed on a wide range of devices, including TVs and Smartphones. In addition, subscribers can change or cancel the plan at any time. 

    On the other hand, the new plan will receive video quality up to 720p/HD and have an average of 4 to 5 minutes of advertisement per hour of streaming. The new basics with ads plan are offered at $6.99 a month. 

    Opportunities for Advertisers

    Netflix’s Basic with Ads plan also presents new opportunities for advertisers. Ads will run in high resolution on Netflix‘s premium environment. Ads will play before and during shows in 15 to 30-second-long increments. Advertisers also can target countries and genres to ensure that advertisements are only played amongst content that is consistent with their brand. 

    To get proper metrics, Netflix has partnered with Double Verify and Integral Ad Science to verify viewability and traffic validity. In the United States, Netflix Will also work with Nielsen’s Digital Ad Rating (DAR). 

    Source: Microsoft News

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