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Participating in the LinkedIn & G2 Crowd event 'Content to Conversion', inspired us to share these useful tips - take it!

For the past few years, marketers have been increasingly focusing their attention on LinkedIn Paid Ads, in the hopes of understanding its algorithm and bringing Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s) to the doorstep. Fortunetaly, LinkedIn can provide lucrative segmentation possibilities, as a large proportion of their audience is educated and career-oriented professionals. It is therefore not surprising that LinkedIn Ads is a source of interest for many advertisers. By having so many educated professionals gathered in one place, it was meant to be heaven on earth for B2B marketing. However, advertisers and digital agencies find LinkedIn extremely frustrating as there is no remarketing, ad quality scores and other reasons which make it perceived as a very cost and time-consuming platform.

After participating in LinkedIn & G2 Crowd (Review Platform) event -“Content to Conversion” designed for SMB’s and digital agencies, we gathered a bunch of useful insights we thought was worth sharing with our audience. We must say, it was a great educational session, loaded with professional marketers and many inspiring stories. Here are 5 things you should consider while structuring your advertising strategy on LinkedIn Ads:

1. Patience, my friend

During the event, G2 and LinkedIn hosted many tech-marketers who shared their perspectives, best practices and case studies using these two platforms. The number one tip which was echoed by all speakers, with an almost parent-educating-a-kid tone was ‘please, be patient’. Yes, but how patient should we be? According to LinkedIn, you should run with your campaigns for 3-6 months with minimum modifications. For those who are both patient and have a good campaign structure, the advice is to run with it for a year or so and changing creatives once every couple of weeks.

Don’t worry, you’ll get there

2. Deeper Layering Campaigns as part of your marketing strategy

Unlike other social platforms, LinkedIn Ads is probably the best tool for B2B marketing as it offers great segmentation such as targeting users’ job roles. Also, it encourages advertisers to put some extra effort into higher levels of layering – instead of targeting those CEO’s, CMO’s and other C level executives who are too busy to click on anything, try focusing your strategy on the career changers or job movers who are eager to succeed in their new role and are much more open to new ideas. Another level of layering to take into consideration is fast growing companies who are already on the high-road to success but are not that big yet. In other words – strike the iron while it’s hot!

3. Look your customers directly in the eyes

If you are a digital agency or a campaign manager, you probably use A/B testing in your campaigns. For B2B marketing on Linkedin Ads – it’s even more relevant. During the event, LinkedIn presented a couple of interesting A/B testing examples, but by far the best one was when they created two identical ads, promoting a B2B marketing article for SMB’s, with a tiny difference in the background picture. On both, it was a young man working on his laptop next to a glass of beer. One ad displayed the man’s profile and the other, a more frontal angle where we can see a bit more of his face. What was the result? Higher CTR by 89% percent! That is a huge difference meaning that people usually connect to humanity and emotions, therefore, it’s worth to test this aspect in your marketing campaigns.

4. Introducing: LinkedIn New Pages

Recently, LinkedIn introduced the new generation of company pages, which can help its users better engage and to foster new active communities and conversations. Now, it’s possible to access Pages from third-party tools, manage the presence through multiple social networks and most important better integrate LinkedIn Ads with Analytics to measure performance. More information about New Pages can be found here:   

5. People are actively looking for reviews

G2 crowd review platform can be a useful tool as part of your marketing strategy, especially if your product receives great feedback. Just like when you’re looking for recommendations on TripAdvisor for your next vacation, companies are actively looking for reviews when they are ‘shopping’ for software. Therefore, collecting some positive, validated user reviews and sharing them on LinkedIn can really emphasize your proficiency.

Reviews build trust!

Obviously there is much more to know about advertising on LinkedIn Ads, nevertheless, implementing these tips above can substantially improve your performance on LinkedIn.

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