Meet the new features within ADCORE

Click to Fix Tab & Feeditor updates are now available!

Click to Fix

We are happy to introduce the new tab on the ADCORE’s interface –

Click To Fix. The tab was developed in order to automate even more the everyday work of the PPC manager.
With click to fix button, it is now possible to optimize your performance on the account or campaign level with one click and choose the specific field you’d like to apply changes to.
For example: pausing low search volume keywords, setting automated reports, change budget delivery mode and much more.

We recommend this feature for a smaller low-touch account or campaign management.

Feeditor Updates

  1. Feed Alerts:

When creating a feed view, use the checkbox for feed failover strategy. Then, select drop/drop or spike percentage that will trigger alerts, based on the item count in Merchant Center.

You can select between notification and avoiding online updates in Merchant Center.

2. Feed work mode:

We now have 4 options to work on Feeditor. This is especially helpful when working on a large feed and is aimed to enable the tool to work much quicker.

  • Real time: full feed – like it always was.
  • Real time: preview – only shows 50 rows
  • Offline: full feed – need to click apply. Can set multiple actions and then click to apply all at once.
  • Offline: preview – click to apply on 50 rows

Please feel free to contact us for any question: