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Outbrain and Microsoft are furthering their business relationship by adding a multi-year Azure engagement to Outbrain’s company. Azure is a Microsoft cloud platform that Outbrain will use to expand their company and provide their customers with enhanced business outcomes.

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Outbrain is a  native advertising platform that provides its customers and their brands or businesses with the means to advertise themselves and improve their visibility on the web. They’ve been partners with Microsoft and essentially expanding this partnership to enhance their own company.

This partnership is aiding both major companies in expanding their brands all while helping others do the same with their smaller ones. They want to offer innovative solutions to publishers and advertisers through Outbrain, but with Azure’s help.

It will push both companies to adapt to something new and strengthen themselves individually and as a unit.

Outbrain is adding Azure to create a hybrid cloud platform of their own to increase their customer’s advertising visibility. Azure won’t take over the company but integrate itself within it to improve functions designed for the cloud.

Both companies have expressed their excitement about their opportunity to work alongside one another considering both companies have high reputations. They also look forward to seeing just how impressive the results are behind Outbrain and Microsoft’s collaboration to further technology in general alongside their platforms.

Source: Mediaweek

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