Expand your Display Campaigns

Smart display campaigns with feed are revolutionary

Whether you use display campaigns for remarketing or for branding, smart display campaigns might be the next logical step for your account.

Smart display campaigns with feed are revolutionary because they will not only target existing users who have already shown interest in your products, they will also expand their reach to target people at all stages in the buying cycle which means new customers, using the images from your feed.  

Using Target CPA as bidding strategy, you only have to create one responsive display ad and provide one landscape image, one square image as well as the logo of the company in square and landscape. After this, enter up to 5 headlines, one longer headline, a description (up to 5) and the name of the company. The algorithm will use the several combinations you enter to test and see which one performs the best. However, it is crucial to understand that without a positive display activity in the account, meaning positive results from your regular display campaigns, it will be a failure. Indeed, the algorithm cannot get to the results you set if it never reached them in the past.

If your regular display campaigns have reached their goal in the last 30 days, we recommend to switch to smart display campaigns and to set your target CPA according to the CPA appearing on your regular display campaigns. Do not panic if you do not see conversions right away, it takes a few days for the algorithm to perform well.