Stay tuned with Google’s new bidding innovations

4 recent bidding automation hacks marketers should know

As consumer journeys become more complex, it’s more important than ever to help marketers scale with automated solutions. Businesses large and small have been using Google’s Smart Bidding technology to set more precise bids tailored to each and every auction.


Here are Google’s four newest bidding innovations:

  • Campaign level conversionMeet – campaign-level conversions, providing much more flexibility and customization within accounts.  Previously advertisers could set any conversion goals at the account level. However, that meant that all campaigns within that account would be tied to the same set of goals. Advertisers will now be able to map relevant conversion goals at the campaign level.
  • Seasonality adjustments – While Smart Bidding incorporates seasonality, advertisers are looking for more control when having ad hoc events like one-time promotions. That’s why Google is now introducing seasonality adjustments. 
  • Maximize conversion value– Up until now, bidding strategies around conversion value were largely focused on efficiency (e.g., Target ROAS). Understanding many advertisers are more focused on volume and growth, Maximize conversion value allows an advertiser to optimize for the most conversion value within a specified budget.  
  • Value rules –  coming soon – This will allow you to customize conversion values so they align more closely with your business goals. 


Published on Google ADS support May 16, 2019


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