The Importance of Smart Creatives

In our previous article, we discussed the importance of automation. Whether it is Target CPA or Target ROAS, online advertising is heading towards machine learning. But, do not count on automation to do its magic if your ad creatives are not amazing. Since mid-2018, Google Ads has introduced new ways of delivering ads in the display and search network: Responsive Display Ads and Responsive Search Ads.

In display, the responsive ads use the images or videos you set up and the text you enter to seek for the perfect combinations that will lead to a conversion. However, make sure to use high-quality images and multiples headlines and descriptions to give the algorithm several combinations to test.

In “Ad preferences” you can control the kind of ads you want to show: All formats, non-native only or native only. At the bottom of the ad creation, click “More options” to be able to choose a call to action text and color. The best practice for display is to have one ad with 5 headlines, 5 descriptions and all the pictures you want to appear so you let Google Ads learn and test them. Soon, Google Ads will enable users to see which image/video an which text perform the best but at the moment you can evaluate the performance of your ads in “Ad strength”.

Responsive Search Ads is based on the same idea of entering multiple combinations to see which one performs the best but this time no image is needed. You can enter up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions. You can pin one headline to make sure it appears all the time but this not the best practice.

Also, make sure your headlines and descriptions are different in terms of the message they deliver from each other to avoid having an ad with 3 times the same message written. At the moment, you can see which combinations received the most impressions and not the most conversions (click on “ View Assets details” on the ad and then click on “Combinations” on top) but we hope this will change soon.

While those responsive ads are quite recent, Dynamic Search Ads that are relatively old are also considered as smart creatives. They are of great importance for any account as they can expand your reach. Indeed, since you have no control over the keywords, make sure to go over the search terms regularly to exclude them and reduce cost. Additionally, do not forget to exclude the page that does not lead to conversions such as the contact us or blog pages.

In short, before turning on Google Ads automation, make sure your ad creatives are great and that you have good results, either CPA or ROAS goal.