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    What Is Amazon Advertising? Promote Your Business On Amazon


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    Amazon Advertising is a useful marketing resource meant to increase your business’s traffic without requiring large-scale marketing campaigns or large budgets.

    Whether you own an already established business or are looking to start up a new small business, you have likely heard of Amazon advertising. This is a useful marketing resource meant to increase traffic to your business without requiring the need for large-scale marketing campaigns or large budgets.

    We will first discuss the basics of advertising on Amazon and provide some insight into the potential uses of this feature. Then, we will dive into the more technical information such as the price of Amazon ads and how to start advertising your business on Amazon.

    What Is Amazon Advertising?

    Advertising on Amazon is a way of advertising your business online to increase sales and visibility of your business. There are many different options of ad campaigns to choose from, so you can choose a marketing tool that fits your specific business needs.

    Why Is Amazon Advertising Important?

    In this technology-driven world, e-commerce can have distinct benefits over brick-and-mortar stores, including lower startup costs, quick growth potential, and a larger market. As a business owner, it is up to you to capitalize on these benefits, and one of the best ways to use your advantages is to advertise your product on Amazon.

    Amazon drives a customer base of over 300 million people and boasts an intimate understanding of the online shopping industry. It’s this customer base and experience that makes Amazon advertising so crucial to the success of your business- you get the added benefit of experienced marketing techniques utilized by Amazon.

    Who Should Use Amazon Advertising?

    A business of any size can benefit from advertising on Amazon, but small businesses stand to gain the most from advertising online as they can reach more potential customers digitally. 

    Amazon advertising can also be a great option for businesses with a lower marketing budget, as it allows for a more flexible payment program.

    Unfortunately, some businesses or products are not eligible for Amazon advertising. Amazon does not allow ads for adult products or products that are used/refurbished.

    Benefits of Advertising on Amazon

    There are many benefits to advertising your products on Amazon, both financial and logistical. As we have discussed previously, there is a lot of freedom available in determining the amount you want to spend marketing your business. Advertisement pricing can differ with keyword use, ad type, and cost-per-click to find a price that works for your business needs.

    Amazon advertising can also increase the traffic to your site, but more importantly, Amazon ads can target audiences that are interested in buying related products. Therefore, most people clicking on your ad will be looking to buy a product already, and all you need to do is convince them to choose your product over the others.

    Advertising with Amazon can also help with analyzing your business’s performance. The cost-per-click ads track views, clicks, visits, and more, which can be useful in determining your product or keyword success regularly.

    In this technology-driven world, e-commerce can have distinct benefits over brick-and-mortar stores and as a business owner, it is up to you to capitalize on these benefits

    What Are the Types of Amazon Ads?

    There are three main categories of Amazon advertisements: sponsored products, sponsored brands, and premium display. Each program boasts its own set of advantages, so choosing an ad service tailored to your specific business needs is essential.

    While setting up your store and selling your products on Amazon is free, you can easily be overlooked due to the many products listed. Sponsored product ads, the most common type of Amazon advertisement, showcase your product at the forefront of the other search results and allow for your product to be seen more easily. Sponsored brand ads work similarly but allow you to include more than one product in your advertisement.

    Premium display ads are typically more costly but don’t require the use of keywords. These ads are designed to target audiences of relevant interests instead.

    How To Get Started

    The most important thing to consider before advertising on Amazon is your desired outcome. Whether you are looking to increase traffic on your business website or to increase revenue for one of your products, you will need to choose a marketing program that fulfills your needs.

    Amazon advertising can be a great marketing tool for business owners looking for a flexible payment plan, but there are still risks involved in paying for an advertisement. Since most of the sponsored ads on Amazon are keyword-driven, there is the potential to lose money if using the wrong keyword.

    If you are just now entering the world of Amazon advertising, you should first research similar products and analyze the market to find out what advertisements will work the best for your business.

    Before you can start advertising your products on Amazon, you will need to be a registered seller first. You need to have an active professional seller account, which can be made at no cost to you.

    We suggest starting with sponsored product ads, as they are affordable and require minimal setup. You will need to incorporate relevant keywords into your ad to increase visibility, but there are resources available on Amazon to help you with that (they can also show up with a quick google search).

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      Main Takeaways

      Amazon advertising is a great way to increase your business traffic and revenue without risking large sums of money on marketing campaigns. As industries continue to shift towards a more digitally-dominated market, advertising online has become crucial to the success of any business.

      Advertising your products on Amazon can require a small amount of research to get started but provides the potential for increased performance and easier management of your business from day one. The ease of use and affordability make advertising with Amazon one of the most popular ways of growing your business.

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