Take control of your data feed management & sell your products anywhere.

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Eliminate the need for a developer

Easily manage your feed and ensure your products are always
in sync with your inventory with Feeditor’s dynamic URL.

Transform the feed code to an editable document in a click of a button

Create new versions of your feed or edit
existing data, watch it update in real-time.

Upload your fully prepared inventory feed to any shopping platform using over 200 shopping channels and price comparison sites plugged-in.

Save your time with Feeditor’s dynamic campaign creation

Instantly create multiple campaigns directly from your feed.

Feeditor is compatible with unshippable products or services as well.

Never before have you been able to generate not only shopping campaigns but also search campaigns based on your inventory.

Take for example a car dealership business that has multiple car brands in different colors, for rent and for purchase.


With Feeditor you can automatically create campaigns for each category such as type, color or service and set individual bids on any product level


Mashup data from multiple channels

Using Feeditor’s data mashup, you can easily export data from Google Shopping and extract valuable information about your products.

Import the search terms which triggered your products on Google Shopping


Our algorithms are trained to work with minimal amount of conversions and are effective for any campaign size.


optimization feature takes all the hard work out of day-to-day optimization