Add AI to your data.

Instantly detect, fix and monitor any account issue.

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Detect weaknesses in real time

Scan your account to detect critical errors

Get a visual report in a click of button, highlighting more than 52 account and campaign key performance metrics.

Identify growth opportunities

See where you stand compared to your industry benchmarks and identify hidden growth opportunities.

Instantly fix any account error

Apply industry’s best practices to your account.

Use Semdoc2‘s AI recommendations to set account level budget

strategies and bids.

Add suggested new keywords and ad creatives with a click of a button.

We'll monitor the account for you

Let the system monitor your online assets 24/7.

Get notified every time you hit your goals.

Get account alerts directly to your email if anything goes wrong.

Easily order daily, weekly, or monthly account performance reports.

Acquire more clients with Semdoc²

Equip your sales team with real-time, on-demand account analysis reports.

Show potential clients their critical account errors and missed growth opportunities.

Woo your potential clients with Semdoc2‘s stunning dashboard.