Looking For Personal or small business ad spend?  Try the Accelerator Program at Adcore


Analyze your account and campaigns based on industry best practice recommendations

Improve your internal workflow

Optimized your work based on keywords’ quality score

Click to fix instantly pauses low quality score keywords that weren’t bringing you conversions for the last 60 days.

Add your converting search terms to your keywords list

Click to fix adds converting keywords to your campaigns from relevant search terms.

Not sure whether to use shared or individual budget?

Click To Fix will generate a new individual budget for each campaign

Dive deeper

87% of Campaign managers that apply alerts, report an increase in positive results throughout their work.

Schedule alerts to be on top of your campaigns and maintain a healthy work process

Use deep account analysis reports to review your progress.

Upgrade your client relations

Lack of reporting is the #1 reason clients churn!

Quickly generate a downloadable PDF presenting a detailed account audit

Don’t miss opportunities to celebrate successes with your clients using milestones

Generate scheduled summaries displaying performance analysis and send them to your clients.

Utilize Semdoc for client acquisition

Woo your future clients with Semdoc’s dashboard that reveals key
metrics such as KPI’s, Waste Ratio, AI Readiness and more all in one place.

Show potential clients their critical account errors and missed growth opportunities

Equip your sales team with real-time account reports