Create Dynamic Campaigns Only Views Can Provide

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Create Unique Dynamic Campaigns.

Create multiple ads at once with views automation for inventory feeds

Seamlessly generate multiple ads for each product or service in your feed.

All ads are synchronized automatically with your inventory feed.

Instantly create Shopping and Search campaigns based on your inventory feed.

Applies also for non-shippable items.

Visualize your information with customizable charts

Clearly define the parameters seen in your reports

Views customizable charts visualize your data, clarifying your campaign performance

Meet the conversion threshold sooner

The Adcore Bid Management was created in order to help smaller campaigns
automate, the ones that don’t meet the min. threshold of conversions.

Apply after only 10 conv. in the last year

In comparison to algorithms that require a larger threshold of conversions.

Full transparency

Track your bid adjustment on the change history tab in Google ads.

Not sensitive to changes

in budget and creative (unlike Google smart bidding).


Our algorithms are trained to work with minimal amount of conversions and are effective for any campaign size.


optimization feature takes all the hard work out of day-to-day optimization