Our vision



Effortless – seamlessly automated processes.
Marketing – the intrinsic context of the industry we operate in.

In these two simple words we define Adcore’s vision and the change we want to bring to the world.

Our mission

Developing solutions, in order to achieve a state of effortless marketing.

We won’t stop until our mission is accomplished.

Our Core values

There is a reason why we chose this value to be the first and the leading one in Adcore’s core values list. At times, companies tend to lose their focus from the main reason we all gathered here. Sometimes companies believe that pleasing the investors or putting all the efforts in worker’s wellness is the most important thing. We believe that the essence of our activity is tuned to our existing and future customers. When we create a real value for our clients by providing them the best products and services, all the other good things just follow.

In today’s reality, change is part of life in every business, from small to large. In a digital era of constant change, one must have a dynamic approach in order to lead and be relevant. Though sometimes getting out of your comfort zone might be intimidating, we promote a flexible approach, we dispute old ideas and we stay on top of the latest trends in order to achieve positive changes in Adcore, constantly.

These three actions when combined together, create a basic concept of integrity. As Adcore’s CEO points out repeatedly – if there is integrity in the world, harmony is achieved and the world is complete. Therefore, when a business says it but does not mean it, something is broken. Same with doing without meaning it, or any other constellation of the three. Real integrity can be achieved when we say something, mean it, make the right preparations towards doing it and then – do it!

Being able to provide our own solutions, is crucial for a business’s longevity. Although getting help and working cooperatively with others is an important part of Adcore’s growth, a company must create its own products, services, or solutions in order to differentiate itself while providing real value to its customers.

We all love it when luck is on our side, however, when we rely on it, we gamble. Thus, we believe that while luck comes and goes, the default is just working hard.

As much as we hate failing, one must acknowledge that it is an inevitable part of life. All successful figures and companies faced great challenges before succeeding. Therefore, at Adcore we encourage a ‘do not be afraid to fail’ culture. In our minds, this fear causes stagnation and the avoidance of action which is far worse than failing. Following this approach and executing it, supports our growth and prosperity.

Whether it is our co-workers, clients, investors, or affiliates we put a major focus on the person’s personality. Qualities like professionalism, experience, and resumes crucial for cooperation nevertheless, in order to maintain long, fruitful relationships – character comes first and foremost!

Everyone fails and that’s inevitable yet, the question is how do companies react to defeat? We believe that the difference between those companies who succeed and the ones who fail is the way they rise from failures. In the long term, what truly matters is the ability to overcome defeat by staying empowered to do better and greater things.

Unfortunately, not all projects are fun. Some of the work we like more or less but if we decide to do something, we will do it in the best possible way because there is nothing worse than a sloppy job.

Although wearing a suit can define you as a big important fish, it is not necessarily an indicator of professionalism. So, with that thought in mind, in Adcore we believe that you can wear flip flops, and still be serious!

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