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solution for Plus-Size
product feeds​

A limitless feed management experience designed for enterprises and agencies managing large product feeds.


An enterprise, an agency or a business

Choose the plan that fits your needs best


300k products and more

Feeditor L-XXL

10k-300k products


Up to 10k products

Experience seamless management
of large feeds

Feeditor Plus
helps you

Manage your

Feeditor Plus is incredibly user-friendly and
intuitive, making it accessible to everyone
without requiring the expertise of a developer
or advanced technical skills.

Save time and
eliminate the
need of IT

Improve your efficiency by eliminating
extended loading times and glitches
caused by the massive data volumes in
extra large feeds.

Drive better
performance and
sell more products

Create shopping ads that truly stand out
by customizing your product feed for
each advertising channel.

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Feeditor Plus’ Partner
Program for Digital

We work hand-in-hand with digital agencies across the globe to create better opportunities for their clients and continually enhance the e-commerce industry.

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Receive up to 30% commission on the plan of every new client that signs up using your referral link.

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What our
customers say

“Working with Feeditor and the Adcore team has been a great experience for us. The tool does exactly what we need it to do and the service has been top-notch.”

Andrew Scherr

Head of Performance, The Cabin Place

“I like that Adcore constantly updates the tool to follow along with trends and updates from Google. I also like the customer service :).”

Niels Hofma

Co-Founder, The Online Gurus

“Easy to use and very fast support when needed! Highly recommended to anyone using a feed from Shopify to Google Merchant Center.”

Jess Nguyen

Head of Performance, KimaiEU

“Adcore provides us with all our data feed needs for multiple marketing channels. We rarely have any outages and receive exceptional support when we do.”

Patrick Currie

Paid Search Manager, Sharper Image

“For Konect, Adcore has been a long lasting partner which enables us to quickly and efficiently optimize our client's product feeds so as to best suit the requirements of Google Shopping Ads & Meta Dynamic Product Ads. Their Feeditor and Effortless Marketing tools are exactly what our performance media specialists need to deploy, optimize and review campaigns. Shir and her colleagues have always helped us with fast support, help and guidance whenever needed.”

Andrei Cezar Badeanu

Head of Performance, Konect

“Great tool, great team! Really proud to work with them! I strongly recommend Feeditor!”

Mihai Alexandru Andrei

General Manager, Web Digital

The team behind
Feeditor and Adcore
Marketing Cloud

Our dedicated team of technical support and product feed experts is committed to assisting you in achieving your goals with the Adcore Marketing Cloud apps.

Get immediate access and start optimizing with Feeditor Plus

Get immediate access and start optimizing your product feeds with Feeditor Plus

Frequently asked questions


Feeditor Plus is an advanced product feed management solution designed for e-commerce managers managing massive product feeds with over 300K items. With its user-friendly interface and no requirement for technical skills or IT support, Feeditor Plus empowers all advertisers to enhance their shopping campaign performance.

Feeditor Plus is ideal for large scale e-commerce businesses and digital marketing agencies managing multiple product feeds for large scale e-commerce clients.

Absolutely! Feeditor Plus is designed to integrate seamlessly with all e-commerce and advertising platforms such as Google Merchant Center, Microsoft Merchant, Facebook Catalog, Amazon, TikTok, and more.

Your data’s security is our top priority. Feeditor Plus employs advanced encryption and adheres to stringent data protection protocols to ensure your data remains confidential.

Absolutely, Feeditor Plus offers versatile customization options, enabling users to create multiple feed versions tailored to the specific needs of each platform.

Not at all! Feeditor Plus is designed with a user-friendly interface, ensuring that both tech-savvy users and beginners can efficiently manage and edit their feeds.

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer support. You can reach out via email at [email protected] or in-app chat.

Product feed management tools enable you to optimize your feed and maximize sales without the need for a developer, keeping your feed monitored and dynamically updated, saving you precious time and money.

All you need to get started with Feeditor Plus is a product feed. It can be a static excel table or a dynamic URL link for your product store.

Feeditor Plus supports practically every type of feed format such as CSV, TSV, XML, JSON and NDJSON. You can also deliver us the feed via FTP or SFTP, or even copy-paste the data from an excel sheet.

Almost every eCommerce platform can generate a feed link for you.
Leading platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce offer a variety of apps and addons you can use.

You can explore All Adcore Marketing Cloud apps’ pricing including Feeditor in our pricing page.

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