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Instant account analysis

Get a visual report highlighting more than 52 account and campaign key performance metrics.

Identify growth opportunities

See where you stand compared to your industry benchmarks and identify hidden growth opportunities.

Fix any account error

Apply industry’s best practices in one click.

Acquire more clients

Boost your sales team with on demand potential clients analysis.


James Hutto

Love the automation aspect, and the SEMDOC reporting tool is killer. Great software, great people. Excellent support is there when you need it.

Wai Mun

The Adcore team is fantastic. Very supportive and responsive. They really do understand business goals and treat as their own to generate great results. Highly recommended!

Jenny Davidson

We have been working with Adcore for six years and we are more than happy with the results. From day one we noticed an instant increase in revenue and conversions in our accounts and that has continued since then. The team is very hand on and always there for us any time we need them, whether it’s on important holidays or weekends, and it’s always a pleasure working together! I would definitely recommend Adcore!

Itay Lipkovitz

Highly recommended. Always responsive & come with innovative ideas.
Since started working with Adcore, the results are improving exponentially which
is having a great impact on my business.
I am very happy with their services, professionalism and commitment.

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Create unique dynamic campaigns only views can provide.

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Effortless Marketing

Promote and target shoppers searching for your products.

Optimizing and customizing any product data feed becomes easier than ever. 

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