Support the children of the Israeli Gaza envelope communities​

Our goal is to collect and distribute bicycles to the affected children, providing a glimmer of light in their current reality.

What is the KEEP ON RIDING project all about?

On October 7th, Israel faced an unprecedented terror attack, with communities at the Gaza envelope enduring the heaviest losses. Just two days before the attack, Eyal Cohen from Kibbutz Karmia, had purchased bicycles for his six years old son Nuri, which due to the sudden evacuation, were left untouched. The survivors of the attack, Nuri and his family among them, were relocated to kibbutzim in central-north Israel, forced to leave all their belongings behind.

Moved by this story, Adcore has taken it upon ourselves to provide Nuri and his community with bicycles for the children, which we did. Now our goal is to extend this project to as many displaced communities as possible, and with your help we can make it a reality.

How can I help?

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Who we are

KEEP ON RIDING project was initiated by Adcore, a global Israeli-based digital marketing agency and an ad tech company established in 2006. At our core, we hold a deep commitment to volunteering and social impact, integrating these values into our company’s essence.

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