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Get access to the most essential marketing apps for your team. Scale your plan as your business grows by adding automation tasks.

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All Apps


per license

Best Value

Get all essential marketing apps including feed creation, feed optimization, campaign management and analytics.

1,000Tasks/ mo

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Effortless Marketing


Generate, edit and promote your products feed with our free Shopify & WordPress app.

  • Feed creation and customization
  • Automatic feed-based campaign creation
  • Unlimited products
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per license

Enrich your product feed and fully customize it to any advertising platform.

300Tasks/ mo

  • Real-time product feed customization
  • Feed enrichment based on multiple data sources
  • Multi-version support
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per license

Build, optimize, and automate your campaigns on Microsoft Advertising with the click of a button.

300Tasks/ mo

  • Dynamic feed-based campaigns
  • Advanced budget management
  • Automatic performance optimization
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per license

Analyze your ads account performance, fix any issue, and activate account control.

300Tasks/ mo

  • Wasted spend detections and elimination
  • Crucial performance alerts
  • Sharable account reports

Frequently asked questions

The All Apps plan includes access to all available applications: Effortless Marketing, Feeditor, Views and Semdoc2 + all future apps that will be added to the Adcore Marketing Cloud.

A marketing automation task is counted every time the Adcore Marketing Cloud takes an action for you. For example, a feed version created for Google Shopping and scheduled to run every 12 hours, will use two tasks a day and a total of 60 tasks a month.

Your task count depends on the number of actions and automations you use. This might include how frequently you push campaigns and feeds using Adcore Marketing Cloud.

You can always increase the number of tasks in your current plan if you have run out of tasks.

You can upgrade, downgrade and add tasks at any time. Upgrade changes will take effect immediately, while downgrade changes will take effect on the next monthly or yearly billing cycle.

You can save up to 37.5% if you choose the yearly (paid monthly) billing cycle.

Adcore Marketing Cloud accepts all credit cards.

Currently, we support USD and are working on adding multi currency support.

English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Adcore Marketing Cloud  is designed with a high level of security in mind. The platform doesn’t store any campaigns and media data, so you can rest assured that your data remains safe and confidential.

You can cancel at any time. Your cancellation will take effect on the next billing cycle.

In case you didn’t find the answers to your questions above, you can contact us via our chatbot or by clicking here.

Ask me what
Adcore Marketing Cloud can
do for your business.

Ask me what
Adcore Marketing Cloud can
do for your business.

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