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Jabeen Pastore

The Team at Klika have been working with Adcore for over 2 years and have seen impressive growth in our business as a result. The team of Account Managers are responsive, dedicated and truly care about getting the best results for Klika. We see them as an extension of our team rather than an external agency. I would highly recommend Adcore to anyone looking for a best-in-class PPC agency.

Johanna Jakosalem

Adcore has handled our account with good professionalism and knowledge on our media placements. They have great recommendations and are very open to suggestions. They are attentive and have good communication skills. Our account has been handled well and we are very happy with their services.

Omri Galili

We are working whit Adcore on several Web development projects and it’s awesome!
The company made of young and fun people, which makes them such a great company to recommend!

Hey Honey Yoga

Super easy and great app. Does what it needs to do and completely hassle-free. Done in a minute. Can only recommend!


Amazing and easy to use app! They have great support also, they answered all my questions right away.

King George Lamps

Amazing Team, these guys really know what they are doing ! boosted my sales tenfold!
Highly recommended if you want to expand and fast!

Jayne Reynolds

We saw fantastic results at my travel business within a few months. Wonderful account managed service and team to deal with.

Wai Mun

The Adcore team is fantastic. Very supportive and responsive. They really do understand business goals and treat as their own to generate great results. Highly recommended!


App is realy good but the Support is very Slow and not target-oriented. Yes, it is free but it should still work

Assaf Schneider

Very professional, great service!


I used this app to help me extract the feed from Shopify and implement it in other platforms. Through this app I was also able to make some modifications on the feed without having to change the information on the website. I really like how easy it is to use. You get all you need in just one click.

Tessa Connolly

The team at Adcore is great to work with and understands how to successfully implement sustainable advertising strategies.

Jenny Davidson

We have been working with Adcore for six years and we are more than happy with the results. From day one we noticed an instant increase in revenue and conversions in our accounts and that has continued since then. The team is very hand on and always there for us any time we need them, whether it’s on important holidays or weekends, and it’s always a pleasure working together! I would definitely recommend Adcore!

Mihai Alexandru Andrei

Great tool, great team! Really proud to work with them! I strongly recommend Adcore!

Patricia Moll

Adcore is fully committed to elevating their clients to new heights, they know business and what it takes to reach higher levels of success. As a full-service marketing agency, they create efficiencies for your organization by taking your entire project from start to finish for faster results and reduced costs.

Anja Stemmer

I’m very happy with the App and the support. When setting up my first feed ( a mix of own and drop-shipping products with different characteristics) I had a question which has been resolved by support super quick and super competent. I can fully recommend the App


Got a shopping feed in a click . Great tool, super easy to use. I needed some support and they answered in a few minute

Asaf Daniel

I’ve been working with Adcore since 2011. They have a really good technology and a dedicated team (specially Lilach !)that helped me a lot.

Tom Milner Gurevich

Great tools for small ecommerce

Kate Glenister

We have been so impressed with Adcore ever since they took over our PPC activity. They are always up to date with the latest best practice and insights from Google & Facebook and we have seen great results because of this. Highly Recommend!


Helped me with creating and managing my products feed for Google Merchant. Has some issues with complying with Google’s policy which I tried to debug.

Or Avni

Adcore has a dedicated and professional team that strive to provide the best results. They would go the extra mile in order to complete their tasks.

Tal Cohen

Great team! very helpful and professional, Excellent technology. Highly recommended .


Easy to use and very fast support when needed! Highly recommended to anyone using a feed from shopify to Google Merchant Center

Nadine Nasimi Wyrobnik

Our long standing digital agency we trust in! Great team, great digital solutions, professional, creative, service oriented, and up to date! Highly recommended for meeting your SEM and PPC goals using all relevant advertising platforms.

Rachel Borg

We were really impressed with their immediate results, dedication, genuine care and commitment for our business

Mia Costa Carbonell

(Translated by Google) The Adcore agency has a very professional team who perfectly understand the needs of the client and the sector. Furthermore, the client-agency relationship is very agile and direct. Highly recommended!
(Original) La agencia Adcore disponen de un equipo muy profesional que entienden perfectamente las necesidades del cliente y el sector. Además la relación cliente-agencia es muy ágil y directa. Muy recomendable!

Caroline Flanagan

Our experience with Adcore has been so rewarding. Their unique and customised approach to our requirements has been first class. Highly recommend!

Kate Glenister

We have been so impressed with Adcore ever since they took over our PPC activity. They are always up to date with the latest best practice and insights from Google & Facebook and we have seen great results because of this. Highly Recommend!

Chen Turgeman

I highly recommend Adcore, an agency of reliable professionals that were with me hand-in-hand with every step and decision i needed to take. They treat the client’s money as if it were their own, and always looking to maximize the client’s profit. I especially recommend Eilon who is a PPC expert and all the rest of the team that are very pleasant, reliable and extremely professional.

Itay Lipkovitz

Highly recommended. Always responsive & come with innovative ideas.
Since started working with Adcore, the results are improving exponentially which
is having a great impact on my business.
I am very happy with their services, professionalism and commitment.


Great to working with them. Very nice people, help us a lot.

Marie Zrihem

I had the opportunity to collaborate with ADCORE and I can attest to their amazing culture and I was impressed with the level of knowledge and expertise. Always keeping up with the latest Google products and beyond implementing tailor-made solution. The combination of their cutting edge technology and knowledge it’s quite impressive.

Charles Gerard

We have used Adcore for our PPC activity for years and they have always done a fantastic job. They stay on top of everything and work hard to ensure our goals are met. I couldn’t recommend them more highly!


There are multiple options which can be used to customize the feed. Highly supportive staff, Best app yet. Good UI. Thanks

James Hutto

Love the automation aspect, and the SEMDOC reporting tool is killer. Great software, great people. Excellent support is there when we’ve needed it. Recommended 👍👍

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