TORONTO, ONTARIO – December 12, 2023 – Adcore Inc. (the “Company” or “Adcore”) (TSX:ADCO) (OTCQX:ADCOF) (FSE:ADQ), a leading e-commerce advertising management and automation platform to leverage digital marketing in an effortless and accessible way, today unveils its latest Marketing Cloud application, Feeditor Plus+. This new tool is tailored to support enterprises with large inventories and significant advertising budgets, streamlining their digital advertising efforts.

Feeditor Plus+ emerges as a unique solution for enterprise E-commerce businesses seeking to broaden their customer base and increase revenue. Designed to adeptly handle large feeds, it can manage millions of items, offering unmatched capabilities in digital marketing.

Key attributes of Feeditor Plus+ include its intuitive, code-free feed editing, allowing users to manage their content without needing advanced technical skills. The application also features highly customizable rules, enabling precise alignment of feed content with specific client needs and preferences. Additionally, Feeditor Plus+’s export tool stands out, creating a shareable link for the optimized feed. This facilitates effortless distribution across various platforms, significantly boosting reach and engagement.

Omri Brill, CEO of Adcore, states, “The launch of Feeditor Plus+ marks a strategic expansion of our service offerings, specifically targeting large enterprise businesses. This advanced application significantly enhances our capabilities in feed management and optimization, enabling us to effectively meet the complex needs of clients with large inventories and budgets.

I extend my sincere thanks to our dedicated team for their innovation and hard work, which have been instrumental in developing Feeditor Plus+. Their efforts not only contribute to Adcore’s growth but also empower our clients to elevate their digital advertising capabilities in this competitive landscape.

Feeditor Plus+ is more than just a new product; it’s a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. We are excited about the new avenues and opportunities it opens for both Adcore and our clients.”


Adcore is a leading AI-powered marketing and online learning technology company.

By combining extensive industry knowledge and experience with its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) powered technology, Adcore offers a unique digital marketing solution that empowers entrepreneurs and advertisers by managing and automating their e-commerce store advertising and monitoring and analyzing the performance of their advertising budget to ensure maximum Return on Investment. Adcore is a certified Google Premier Partner, Elite Tier Microsoft Partner, Facebook Partner and TikTok Partner. 

Adcore also runs Amphy, the world’s most diverse 24/7 live online learning marketplace. Learners can choose from thousands of classes across hundreds of categories to grow their passions, skills and expand their children’s learning opportunities. Instructors on the Amphy platform join a vibrant virtual teacher community that promotes and supports their success through enrichment seminars, marketing and advertising, and a suite of tools that allow them to run their classes hassle-free and focus on their students. Amphy students gain access to high-quality, personalized classes that are accessible 24/7, while joining a growing community of lifelong learners. 

Established in 2006, the Company employs over fifty people in its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel and satellite offices in Toronto, Canada, Melbourne, Australia, Hong Kong and Shanghai, China. 

For more information about Adcore, please visit, or follow us on LinkedIn. For more information about Amphy please visit follow us onLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagramand YouTube.  


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