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About Feeditor

About Feeditor

Improve Your Sales Performance

Transform your feed into a high converting feed (smarter feed).

Expand Your Reach

Advertise to shoppers around the world on channels like Google Shopping, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft in multiple countries and currencies.

Save time and money

By eliminating the need for a developer.

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What Clients Say About Us



June 13, 2021

The team at Adcore are the best in the business. The whole team are extremely knowlegdable, focused on profilable outcomes and the results speak for themselves.

If your considering working with these guys, don’t be affraid to start a conversation as they only work with businesses they know they can add value to. None of the “we’ll take your money but we don’t know if we can add value” kind of enagement.



November 19, 2020

Adcore has handled our account with good professionalism and knowledge on our media placements. They have great recommendations and are very open to suggestions. They are attentive and have good communication skills. Our account has been handled well and we are very happy with their services.



October 20, 2020

Love the automation aspect, and the SEMDOC reporting tool is killer. Great software, great people. Excellent support is there when you need it.



January 27, 2021

The Team at Klika have been working with Adcore for over 2 years and have seen impressive growth in our business as a result. The team of Account Managers are responsive, dedicated and truly care about getting the best results for Klika. We see them as an extension of our team rather than an external agency. I would highly recommend Adcore to anyone looking for a best-in-class PPC agency.



December 15, 2020

Great team! very helpful and professional, Excellent technology. Highly recommended .

Take control of your
data feed management
and sell your products anywhere.

               21 Day Free Trial

Take control of your
data feed management
and sell your products

21 Day Free Trial

Frequently asked questions

A product feed consists of all of your product’s information such as title, description,  price, or availability in your store. You can share this data with platforms such as Google Shopping, Facebook, & Amazon to display your product listings.

A product feed can be created manually or automatically using an eCommerce platform and related apps. The product feed data file or link is built in a recognized template, which allows shopping and marketing platforms to easily sync their databases with your products and listings.

You can create a product feed manually using an excel or Google Drive spreadsheet, or use product feeds created directly from your online store (free apps like Effortless Marketing can be used to generate a feed for Shopify or WooCommerce stores).

You can edit a product feed using feed management tools, such as Feeditor, which allow you to edit your feed and adjust it according to your needs and the different shopping platforms’ guidelines.

You can optimize your feed to Google Merchant Center or any other platform by increasing the compliance of your feed according to the platform suggestions. Adding keywords to product titles and descriptions, adding missing information like size and material, ensuring you follow the marketing channel guidelines, or fixing errors are some ways to improve your feed.

XML, CSV, and TSV are all types of data feed file formats, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Due to Feeditor’s support for all file types, it can import and export them all.

Product feed management tools enable you to optimize your feed and maximize sales without the need for a developer, keeping your feed monitored and dynamically updated, saving you precious time and money.

With Feeditor, you can easily and quickly optimize your product feed, and upload it to  various platforms such as Google Merchant Center and Facebook Catalog.

All you need to get started with Feeditor is a product feed. It can be a static excel table or a dynamic URL link for your product store.

Almost every eCommerce platform can generate a feed link for you.
Leading platforms such as Shopify, Wix, or WooCommerce offer a variety of apps and addons you can use.

Feeditor supports practically every type of feed format such as CSV, TSV, XML, JSON and NDJSON. You can also deliver us the feed via FTP or SFTP, or even copy-paste the data from an excel sheet.

Sure! Feeditor can handle complicated data feeds containing hundreds of thousands of products (and even more!).

Feeditor costs between $33.99 and $59.99, depending on whether you subscribe yearly or monthly. For more information, visit our pricing page

Definitely! Feeditor supports updated schedules as frequently as once an hour.

Of course! It’s absolutely free to try Feeditor and no credit card is required. We provide a 7-day free trial with full access to Feeditor’s features. 

Absolutely! Feeditor charges based on how many automated tasks you use, regardless of the size of your feed or media spend. Meaning, you only pay for the time and effort you save.

An automated task is counted every time a feed version call occurs. For example, a feed version created for Google Shopping and scheduled to run every six hours, will use four tasks per day, a total of 120 tasks per month.

Feeditor supports product feed submission for a variety of shopping channels and platforms such as Google Merchant Center, Google Shopping, Microsoft Merchant, Facebook Catalog, Amazon, TikTok, and more.

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