Improve your campaign performance with our ultimate search automation tool.
Views utilizes smart machine learning to help scale efforts quickly while optimizing towards your unique goals.

Hit your campaign targets with pin-point accuracy.

Utilize ADCORE’s smart bid management feature to easily reach your desired campaign goals, whatever they may be. Our powerful machine-learning algorithms factor in your historical data adjust your bids based on real-time fluctuations and past data. Powerful, transparent and non-sensitive – our algorithms faction in historical performance and auction conditions to ensure you meet your goals as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Create your own optimization machine and let it run just for you!

With Views™ you can easily create and apply smart and effective campaign management rules to any level within your account. Views™ will give you the ability to create your own rule-based machine to automate and manage your tasks in the exact way you need it to, in order to focus your time more effectively on managing your clients.

Automatically create complete search campaigns from your data feed.

With a simple click of a button, easily create complete search campaigns from A-Z from any data feed with ADCORE’s Dynamic Campaign feature. If your inventory is constantly changing, shouldn’t your search ads as well? Well, with ADCORE’s built-in inventory manager – we got you covered. Not only are ads updated in real-time, but we make sure your money is spent on advertising products that are actually in stock.

Customize your reports to gain all the insights you need.

Customize your own eye-catching charts, reports and dashboards to further optimize your campaigns. From the macro to the most granular of reports, analyse your campaigns exactly the way you like, in order to keep on delivering the absolute best for your clients. Create customized scheduled reports to keep your clients informed on their campaign’s performance.