From flight & hotel reservations to car rentals, our technology delivers superior campaign results.


Take control of your data feed

Take control of your clients data feeds with our powerful feed management tool.
Create, optimize, edit and submit data feeds to over 200 shopping channels and price comparison websites.
Boost your clients dynamic campaign performance through a single solution.


Put your rich data to work

Create dynamic search campaigns, in real time, from data on your website. As the content of your website changes, the keywords and ads adjust accordingly.
If you have run out of specific inventory or have no more availability for flights or vacation packages, ADCORE automatically changes the contents of your ads and keywords.


Optimize toward unique goals

Improve your clients campaign performance with our ultimate bidding and budget management tool.
Views utilizes smart machine learning non-sensitive bidding algorithms which require a minimal amount of conversions to get going, and make as many changes as you like to your campaigns.
ADCORE offers the ultimate bid management technology which can run in-line with enhanced CPC and gives you the ability to target your ROAS/CPA goals by the click of a button. It also allows you to take historical data from custom dates that you wish to select. Our bid management is machine learning and not hypersensitive therefore you can make as many changes to your campaigns and accounts as you wish.


Scale efforts quickly

Scale your campaigns by easily targeting additional regions, demographics and channels to increase your reach. ADCORE’s various automation rules allow you to automate your workflow to your ideal level.