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    Nanobébé, Successfully Penetrated New Markets

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    After being successful in the United States market, Nanobébé decided to expand its success to Canada, United Kingdom, and France. 

    Executive Summary

    Nanobébé, a successful baby feeding products company, decided to expand its success to new markets, starting with the United Kingdom, Canada then France.


    We created a holistic marketing strategy across multiple channels allowing us to reach the optimal audience at every stage of the marketing funnel – from brand awareness to loyalty. This strategy proved itself and led to a successful expansion of the United Kingdom, and Canada markets. This strategy was then replicated in the French market. 


    Conversion Value

    After only 1 month of an effective strategy, Nanobébé Canada’s online revenue increased significantly.



    By creating a detailed audience
    strategy, we increased ROAS (return on ad spend) while increasing sales.


    Understanding the business and the day-to-day communication is a key to successfully penetrating a new market. The advertising must be fully synced with the efforts made on the grounds. 

    The Right Message

    Our 15+ years of experience in the global market and e-commerce industry give us a better understanding of the culture and behavior of consumers for each market. 


    Following the success in the United Stated, Nanobébé sought to expand into the United Kingdom, Canada, and France markets. The activity goals were to maximize brand awareness, acquire customers and gain a competitive advantage in the baby products industry while keeping a high ROAS.

    Main Actions

    • Conducting profound competitor and audience research in order to build a tailor-made marketing plan. 
    • Using Adcore platforms’ creative & bid automation technology, to reach the desired ROAS.
    • Working with Nanobébé’s development teams in order to improve the site’s conversion rate. 


    We conducted profound research to analyze the competition and understand users’ behaviors: what triggers their click and how do we get them to purchase? 

    We then built a marketing strategy across the different platforms in order to reach users at each step of the purchase funnel (brand awareness, consideration,  conversion, and loyalty). Having extensive experience in targeting international markets allowed us to design an effective marketing plan for each country. 

    About Nanobébé

    Year established: 2006
    Employees: 0 – 50
    Head Quarters: Israel & United States
    Industry: eCommerce, Consumer Goods


    Nanobébé is an award-winning company in the sector of breastfeeding products.

    Adcore Elite has a dedicated and professional team that strive to provide the best results. They would go the extra mile in order to complete their tasks.”

    Or Avni – Nanobébé


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