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    Princess Polly – Doubled ROI & Saw an 721% Boost in Revenue

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    From beachside start-up to international success – How Google Ads helped Princess Polly scale to a global success


    Using our proprietary tool Semdoc to conduct in-depth inventory analysis, keyword & market research combined with audience development, Princess Polly successfully expanded across all product categories by a nearly 600%  increase in conversions and doubled the ROI simultaneously.

    Executive Summary

    Princess Polly, Australia’s leading online fashion boutique, had their mindset on achieving a ROAS (return on ad spend) of 10 while expanding the business to cover all product categories as their 2019-2020 main objective.

    Using Google best practices along with Adcore proprietary technology tool, Semdoc and bid management algorithms, we managed to set up and consolidate the campaigns and ad groups for success, which ultimately attracted more qualified traffic to increase ROAS.

    We also used different audience lists and analysed the top audiences for different types of activity (paid Search, Shopping, and YouTube).

    When combined these features have led to stellar results – 100% increase in ROAS & 600% increase in conversions compared with the previous period.



    Since we started managing the account, we have set new records for conversion value consistently every month, making Google PPC the most profitable channel in the business.



    (Return on Ads Spend)

    By using top audiences combining with search ads strategies we managed to build a pool of online shoppers that were often more likely to convert.



    The key objective for website traffic was to find a blend between upper, middle and bottom of funnel through our targeted campaigns.


    Conversion Rate

    Strategically attract users from all stages along the customer journey, so that whenever users search for relevant products on Google, the most accurate ads will be served to them, leading them to the right landing page.


    Expansion to cover all their different product categories in paid Search, Shopping, and YouTube while improving ROAS.

    The key business objectives of 2019-2020 were:
    • Expansion & growth in different product categories in the account
    • Increase ROAS (return on ad spend)

    Main Actions

    • Create a campaign strategy that attracts users from all stages along the customer journey
    • Use Adcore in-house proprietary technology tool, Semdoc to analyse the account
    • Use different audience lists and analyse the top audiences for different types of activity (paid Search, Shopping and YouTube)
    • Combine Google and Adcore smart algorithms as part of the overall advertising strategy


    We used Adcore in-house proprietary technology tool Semdoc to analyse and clearly identify the waste ratio of the account which was crucial.

    Then we build the campaigns strategically to attract website traffic that is a blend between upper, mid and bottom-funnel through the different types of activity (paid Search, Shopping, and YouTube) using smart bidding strategies and target audiences like Similar to-Site Visitors, Site Visitors, and Google In-market audiences.

    About Princess Polly

    Year established: 2010
    Employees: 200 – 250
    Head Quarters: Gold Coast, Australia
    Industry: eCommerce, Consumer Goods

    Princess Polly is Australia’s leading online fashion retailer, the go-to-place for the newest and latest trends & styles.


    Silver Winner for APAC 2021 Search Awards for Best Use of Search – Retail / eCommerce

    “We’ve been working with Adcore for over a year and they have been such a crucial part of our paid media strategy. Particularly as we have expanded into international markets and seen exponential growth in this channel.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Adcore to any retailer looking for the best in ROI and client care.”

    – Kim Zorn, Head of Performance, Princess Polly

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