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    Leading education Aggregator – Increased 120% in Profitability & Increasing Market Share Growth

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    Campaign Goals

    By harnessing the power of transparent and precise reporting, we have unlocked the true potential of informed decision-making, driving growth and innovation. Utilizing real-time insights to optimize operations and seize opportunities, we have achieved record-breaking results. 

    Executive Summary

    In response to ongoing profitability challenges within a demanding market, our team executed a strategic initiative aimed at addressing key pain points. Recognizing the lack of transparency and clarity in channel results, we formulated a clear strategy that leveraged true source data to drive profitability. Through meticulous planning and execution, we navigated the complexities of the challenging market landscape, ultimately achieving sustainable growth and success for the business.



    By optimizing real-time and true data through clients’ back end. 


    Lead Volume

    By achieving better audience segmentation and greater transparency in campaign optimization

    Data Savvy

    Adcore’s data solution enabled a reduction in the waste ratio from underperforming activity. Using proprietary technology in conjunction with tailor-made solutions, it enabled us to achieve full data transparency and efficiency.

    Sustainable growth

    By continually refining our approach based on data-driven insights, we drove meaningful results for your business over the long term.


    Our client’s complex ecosystem, involving collaboration with different providers, represented a significant challenge due to the dynamic volumes needed, as well as offline sales that caused fluctuations in lead revenue. The delayed offline revenue and offline conversions not reported through the various paid channels meant that set goals and optimization were not effective and did not reflect true data.


    The challenge was to overcome this by gaining visibility into the data warehouse and pacing campaigns and budgets according to real-time profitability.

    Main Actions

    • Integrate the client’s offline profit metrics into a real data report that allows transparency for each campaign.
    • Optimize campaigns with a source of truth and dynamic budget caps.
    • Thoroughly research audiences and craft customized strategies to engage each segment in the most fitting manner to ensure effectiveness.


    • We created a complex custom report to reflect true offline conversion data from the client’s data warehouse, where we blended the actual cost from all paid channels and obtained offline revenue and conversions from the data warehouse to provide a clear view of True ROAS.


    • We reinjected the “True ROAS” obtained and effectively optimized and managed our campaigns, reducing the waste ratio and increasing profitability.


    • Combining these actions with the right audience segments based on subject area, search intents, and a dynamic creative approach, we have successfully improved overall performance.

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