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    Adcore Asks the Experts: With Shlomo Genchin

    AdcoreAdcore Asks the Experts

    The Creative Marketer Shlomo Genchin, already received an honorable mention as a Top 10 Digital Advertising Experts in Israel, he has carved a niche for himself through a blend of creativity, strategic insight, and an unyielding passion for marketing. He began his career working for some of Europe’s largest ad agencies and multi-billion dollar companies. With a community of over 50k followers on LinkedIn and his newsletter, Shlomo shares simple techniques for creating compelling ads. 


    Join us as we consult with him on the dynamics of the marketing world today. 

    How did you start out in marketing? What made you choose that career path and what was your first job?

    I was 22 and trying to figure out what to do with my life. One day, I stumbled upon a scammy online course about affiliate marketing. Obviously, I didn’t get rich in 30 days or less, but through that course, I discovered copywriting.


    The idea of writing funny lines, stories, and memes for a living sounded too good to be true, so I googled “the best copywriting school in the world.” Six months later, I was on a plane to Berlin to start my studies at Miami Ad School Europe.

    Do you recommend aspiring marketers to have a formal degree?

    Yes and no. You’ll find everything you need to know in books or online. But, portfolio schools, courses, and universities provide you with four things that books don’t:

    • Structure
    • Mentors
    • Community
    • Internships


    And often, these four elements make all the difference. So, if you can find them elsewhere, you might skip the degree, but if not, then it’s worth considering.

    When did you start The Creative Marketer? Did you expect it to get as big as it did?


    I started my blog and newsletter, The Creative Marketer, in 2020. I began by sharing some of my ads and the process behind them on LinkedIn. I never could have imagined that people (besides my friends and colleagues) would actually care. But, I guess that’s the cool thing about the internet. It’s huge. And if you’re passionate about something, there are probably hundreds of thousands of other people who are passionate about it too.

    In your opinion, what are the top 3 skills a successful marketer must master?


    1. Creativity – Legendary copywriter Barbara Noakes said, “When the world zigs, zag.” To succeed, a brand must stand out. And to stand out, it must do things differently.

    2. Googling (and redditing) – The best marketers I know have become great simply by searching for things they didn’t know on Google and Reddit.

    3. Writing – Writing constitutes 90% of marketing: ads, landing pages, emails, etc. If you can write well, you’ll do well.

    What are the most cutting edge developments in the marketing field today? What excites you the most?


    No-code tools like Webflow, Bubble, and Notion. These tools are game-changers because now marketers can implement and develop ideas and designs by themselves without needing to wait around for or invest in an expensive developer.

    What are your thoughts on the advantages of outsourcing digital marketing solutions to external platforms?


    No one knows your product better than you, and that’s exactly why outsourcing some of your marketing operations is often a good idea. An agency can dive into your project with a new set of eyes, spot opportunities you might have missed, and bring in specialized skills that are impractical to maintain in-house.

    Which SAAS TOOLS do you favor and regularly use?


    Notion. I’m obsessed. I organize all my content, ideas, and templates there.
    It also helps me onboard and collaborate with clients. 

    In your opinion, what is the most important automation tool?


    ChatGPT. It really stands out because of its intuitive experience and the endless possibilities it offers, especially when integrated into different products and apps. The way it seamlessly fits into various marketing tools makes my life so much easier.

    What are a few aspects you like about Feeditor?


    What I like about Feeditor is just how much grunt work it takes off your plate.
    You can also tweak things exactly how you need for different platforms, which really helps in tailoring your approach to specific audiences. Plus, it scales up beautifully. No matter how big your inventory gets, Feeditor keeps up without breaking a sweat.

    Can you share with us upcoming projects you’re working on now?


    I think one of the biggest problems in B2B marketing today is that most of the ads and content are incredibly boring. So, I’m launching a new video course that’s called “Boring Products, Fun Ads.” It’ll include simple recipes for creating B2B ads that stand out and outperform.

    How do you keep updated and learn?


    To keep updated, I read a lot of newsletters. Some of my favorites are Marketing Examples by Harry Dry and Demand Curve’s Growth Newsletter.

    But mostly, I try to stay away from trends and FOMO and read timeless marketing and storytelling books instead. I especially enjoy the work of Luke Sullivan, Dan Kennedy, and April Dunford.

    Final Thoughts


    In this edition of Adcore Ask’s the Experts, Shlomo Genchin has dismantled the complexities of digital marketing with the precision of a seasoned pro. Shlomo’s narrative is not just his own – it serves as a roadmap for the modern marketer. From mastering the foundations to staying ahead of the curve, his insights are well versed and noteworthy. 

    For more cutting-edge marketing insights and strategies that continue the conversation started by Shlomo check out Adcore’s blog for similar content and to stay updated on the latest in the world of marketing.

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