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    Optimizing Your Domain for Success

    AdcoreOptimization and Bids

    To get the most out of your domain strategies and stay compliant, it’s essential to start with a strong foundation. Our quick checklist will help you make sure that your domain is set up for success and ready for more advanced optimization steps.


    Our Full Domain Optimization Checklist:

    • Do you have complete product titles and descriptions? 
    • Did you remove placeholder images and text? 
    • Is your product categorization accurate? 
    • Have you set competitive prices? 
    • Are all your product URLs functioning? 
    • Is your stock status up to date? 
    • Have you complied with platform-specific requirements?

    Table of Contents

    General Self-Check Items

    Building on the foundational checks for optimizing your domain, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough website quality check, focusing on general self-check items. 

    Ensure that your landing pages are globally accessible and your contact information is accurate and legitimate. It’s important to display a consistent business address across your website and avoid any association with previously blocked sites. Additionally, ensure user information is collected securely and all business registration details are accurately reflected on your site.

    Shopping Ads Self-Check Items

    For businesses using a dropshipping model, careful consideration should be given before engaging in Shopping Ads. Your site must be fully functional, free of placeholder content, and accurately represent your offerings. Avoid tactics that may interfere with system reviews or attempt to bypass restrictions, as these can lead to account suspensions.


    Suggestions for Compliance and Performance While Optimizing Your Domain

    • Transparency: Clearly communicate any overestimations in shipping costs and include all handling charges upfront.

    • Accuracy and Honesty: Regularly audit your site for false reviews or exaggerated sales data. If third-party review platforms are used, their source must be clearly indicated.

    • Unique and Compliant Content: Ensure your website content is unique to your domain and complies with ad platform guidelines, avoiding any redirects to non-compliant content or manipulation of site content that could hinder ad reviews.


    Final thoughts

    Adhering to these guidelines not only positions your site for optimizing your domain, it also allows for better compliance and performance but also paves the way for a positive user experience. It elevates your brand’s reputation, making your domain a preferred destination for both existing customers and new visitors. This strategic approach to site optimization and adherence to advertising standards fosters a sustainable growth trajectory for your online presence, setting a solid foundation for future marketing efforts and business expansion.

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