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    Olight – Increased ROI by 130% & Saw a 700% Boost in Revenue

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    Creation of omnichannel activity together with a smart use of data & audiences managed to take Olight’s success in Australia and replicate it in the United States in just six months.

    Executive Summary

    The online, technology-driven, lightning company, Olight, marked fast expansion into the US market as their main goal for 2019. We created a comprehensive marketing plan using tailor-made targeting across multiple channels.

    This allowed us to create high visibility to the right audience while keeping our ROI goal. This strategy proved itself and led to a successful penetration to a new market. 



    Building and executing omnichannel activity boosted the total revenue



    By creating a detailed Audience
    the strategy we increased ROI while increasing sales


    Adcore team was an active partner in every business decision to ensure that the marketing strategy would be harmonized with the actual day-to-day business operations.


    Penetration to the US market involved many result-driven decisions, requiring us to be constantly on our feet and willing to pivot our marketing strategy as needed.


    Following a successful year with Olight’s activity in Australia, they sought to expand into the US market. The challenge was to replicate the success at a fast pace.

    The activity goals were:

    • Maximize visibility and brand awareness in the US
    • A fast digital expansion while maintaining high ROAS across Google Paid Search, Shopping, and Facebook

    Main Actions

    • Launching activity on multiple channels
    • Processing all the exciting activity using Adcore in-house proprietary technology to quickly gather big data and execute complex optimisations
    • Conducting profound audience research & building a tailor-made plan to reach each audience in the right place with the right message


    Following the profound market research and competition analysis, we have:

    • Identified relevant audiences & their behaviour
    • Built a detailed media strategy across all relevant channels that utilised each channel’s advantages
    • Created different creatives based on each channel


    These actions allowed us to reach the right audience, at the right channel, with the right creatives in order to achieve outstanding results within a short time frame.

    About Olight

    Year established: 2006
    Employees: 100 – 150
    Head Quarters: China
    Industry: eCommerce, Consumer Goods

    Olight is a global technology-driven light company and a leading manufacturer in the world.

    “We are absolutely thrilled with the results we have been able to achieve with Adcore Elite. We could not have had a more engaged and dedicated partner to plan & Execute the penetration to the US market. They really took our performance media to the next level.”

    – Tiffiny Kang, Marketing Manager, Olight


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