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    Tentworld – Attracts 114% More Conversions & Boost ROI by 86%

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    Creation of dynamic feeds using Adcore’s in-house proprietary technology paired with a strategic use of audiences led Tentworld to acquiring high-quality traffic & increased ROAS within a year.

    Executive Summary

    An Australian family-owned camping retailer, Tentworld, has a fast-moving inventory of more than 4000 items. Their main goal for 2019 – 2020 was to attract more qualified traffic and increase (ROAS).

    Combining the use of our in-house proprietary technology and audience expansion strategy, these two features have led to stellar results and successfully met Tentworld’s business objectives.


    Conversion Value

    Grew digital spending by more than 25% in the past year while maintaining or decreasing CPA (low cost-per-acquisition)



    (Return on Ads Spend)

    Through strategic use of audiences in search ads we managed to expand into shoppers that were more likely to convert more often



    The dynamic feed-based strategy
    would always display the products based on availability whenever customers searched for relevant items


    Conversion Rate

    As ads are generated dynamically based on the feed, this ensures high ad relevance whenever a user searches for a product and users are always served with highly relevant landing pages


    With a massive inventory of more than 4000 items that grows and changes daily, it was a challenge finding an efficient way to manage such a vast and dynamic product catalog. It is crucial that ads are dynamically updated to reflect the current inventory levels.

    The key business objectives of 2019-2020 were:

    • Increase quality of web traffic
    • Increase ROAS

    Main Actions

    • Creating a dynamic feed base strategy
    • Processing Tentworld’s massive & ever-changing inventory using Adcore in-house proprietary technology to quickly gather big data and execute complex optimisations
    • Conducted deep audience analysis using existing customer lists, web traffic and online shoppers to determine the best audience that are more likely to convert more often


    We created a dynamic feed base strategy using Adcore’s in-house proprietary technology:

    • Gather the big data from the product feed easily and quickly
    • Create dynamic ads based on the dynamic feed
    • Utilise remarketing lists and analyse the top audience for search ads


    This allowed us to reach the right audience, with the right products in order to achieve stellar results in the past year

    About Tentworld

    Year established: 1968
    Employees: 100 – 150
    Head Quarters: Australia
    Industry: Retail, Consumer Goods

    Tentworld is a family-owned camping & outdoor equipment business and a leading local retailer in Australia.

    “I enjoy working with the Adcore team, I find them to be highly responsive, eager to please, and constantly striving for improvement.”

    – Jon Burrell, Director, Tentworld

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