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    Adcore Announced Finalist in the 2024 Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards

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    Adcore, a top digital marketing firm, is thrilled to share its nomination as a finalist in two key Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards categories: “Client Partnership of the Year” and “Channel Partner of the Year.” This nomination highlights Adcore’s dedication to innovative solutions and strong client-partner collaborations.


    The Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards recognize outstanding achievements in digital advertising. Partners who excel in using Microsoft Advertising platforms receive acknowledgment for their creative and strategic prowess. Being a finalist or winner is a mark of distinction, showcasing top-tier industry performance.


    Adcore digital marketing agency specializes in using advanced technology and strategic alliances for superior advertising solutions. The firm focuses on innovation, results, and maximizing client ROI. A key factor in Adcore’s nomination is its successful partnership with TUI. By collaborating with Microsoft Advertising and Adchieve, Adcore used the Microsoft Audience Network to boost TUI’s online presence and engagement. The partnership aimed to increase site visits, bookings, and customer loyalty with targeted offers.


    Utilizing Microsoft’s data and AI, the team executed effective prospecting and retargeting strategies. These efforts led to a 111% increase in TUI’s micro-conversions year-over-year. Additionally, integrating Search Ads with Audience Ads significantly improved visit and conversion rates.


    TUI met its goals despite competitive challenges, showcasing the power of focused advertising strategies and partnerships. This success demonstrates Adcore’s ability to drive client achievements through innovation.


    For more details on Adcore’s strategy and success with TUI, explore our case study.

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