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    How Can I Download My Feed and Open on Excel? (EM)

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    This is how you can download your feed and convert it to an Excel file

    Product feeds can sometimes be in formats that are less convenient to look at and play around with. For cases like these, you can download your feed and open it in Excel. 

    There are two ways to download and open your feed in Excel:

    Option # 1: copy your feed URL (the default format is CSV)

    Copy URL:

    download feed and open excel

    2. Paste the link into any browser;

    3. Right-click your mouse and press “save as”;

    4. Give your file the desired name and save it with “.CSV” ending;

    5. Open it as a regular excel sheet.

    Option # 2: Copy-paste the feed URL as CSV, like described above.

    Open Excel. Go to Data > From Web:

    open excel

    Learn how you can download your feed and convert it to an Excel file on the Effortless Marketing app.

    Drop your URL from EM. Click Ok:

    Choose Connect:

    Wait while its connecting:

    Click Load:

    excel feed

    And your feed should open in the excel sheet. 

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