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    Interior Secrets’ Recipe for Year-on-Year Success Powered by Adcore Partnership

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    Interior Secrets‘ journey to year-on-year success is not only about diversifying marketing channels and seizing peak period opportunities but also about harnessing the power of AI to optimize feeds, acquire more data touchpoints, and supercharge performance. The multi-faceted approach has propelled the designer furniture company to new heights in the Interior Design realm. This remarkable success can be attributed in part to the crucial partnership with Adcore, a leading digital marketing agency, which has helped Interior Secrets achieve outstanding results in the digital marketing arena.

    Channel Expansion: A Key to Sustainable Growth

    One of the cornerstones of Interior Secrets’ recent success has been its deliberate and well-executed channel expansion strategy. The company recognized the need to diversify its marketing efforts beyond traditional platforms and explored new avenues to reach its target audience. This decision proved to be a game-changer.

    In particular, the optimization and re-structuring and the expansion into channels like Google Ads, Facebook, Criteo, and Bing played a pivotal role. Each platform presented unique opportunities for Interior Secrets to connect with potential customers and drive sales. The November and December performance (peak period) highlighted substantial growth and impressive metrics across these platforms despite the increase in cost of living, inflation and interest rates in Australia, emphasizing the effectiveness of channel diversification.

    Adcore Partnership: The Driving Force Behind Success

    The partnership with Adcore has been instrumental in Interior Secrets’ journey to success. Adcore brings a wealth of expertise and cutting-edge tools to the table, enabling Interior Secrets to take its digital marketing efforts to new heights. Their collaboration has proven to be a synergy of skills and innovation.

    “Working with Adcore has been a great experience so far. Their expertise has played a pivotal role in helping our brand inch closer to achieving our market objectives. The team consistently demonstrates professionalism, ensuring prompt and effective communication throughout our collaboration. What sets Ander and his team at Adcore apart is their commitment to delivering tangible results, making them an invaluable partner for our ecommerce endeavors. We appreciate their dedication and proficiency in managing our Google Ads campaigns, contributing significantly to the overall success of our paid marketing efforts”. Himanshu Soni, Marketing Director at Interior Secrets.

    Himanshu Soni, Marketing Director at Interior Secrets

    Himanshu Soni, Marketing Director at Interior Secrets


    Aggressive Marketing During Peak Periods: A Winning Formula

    Interior Secrets’ strategy of being aggressive during peak periods has set it apart in the competitive digital landscape. By capitalizing on occasions like Black Friday, End of Financial Year, and Boxing Day, the company has not only driven sales but has also solidified its brand presence during crucial shopping seasons.

    Results demonstrate Interior Secrets’ ability to allocate resources strategically, increasing budgets and optimizing campaigns to meet heightened demand during these peak periods. For instance, during the December period, Interior Secrets allocated a significant portion of its budget for the Boxing Day-End of the year period, anticipating higher demand. This approach paid off, as the company achieved a 101% increase in purchases, Impressions rose by 79% and traffic to the website increased by 43.9% (Google) compared to the previous year.

    Early Sales Initiation and Seasonality Adjustments

    A key takeaway from Interior Secrets’ success story is the importance of starting sales early and making seasonality adjustments. By initiating campaigns ahead of time, the company was able to create buzz and anticipation among its audience. This early engagement translated into higher conversions when peak periods arrived.

    Furthermore, Interior Secrets displayed agility by making seasonality adjustments. Recognizing the potential dip in performance during January due to seasonality, the company is prepared to pull back budgets accordingly, demonstrating an ability to adapt and optimize its strategies in response to changing market dynamics.

    AI Optimization: A Game-Changer in Marketing

    One of the standout elements in Interior Secrets’ recent achievements is the strategic incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its marketing efforts. AI has revolutionized the digital marketing landscape, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize campaigns in real-time. Interior Secrets recognized the potential of AI and leveraged it to the fullest extent.

    AI optimization has played a pivotal role in fine-tuning Interior Secrets’ marketing strategies. It has enabled the company to analyze data more comprehensively, identify trends, and make rapid adjustments for maximum impact. This technology has allowed Interior Secrets to optimize feeds, making sure their products are not just visible but also relevant to potential customers.

    Interior Secrets' staff Christmas event

    Interior Secrets’ staff Christmas event.


    Interior Secrets‘ impressive year-on-year success can be attributed to its ability to adapt and embrace the latest technological advancements like AI and to its deliberate channel expansion, aggressive marketing during peak periods, and a keen understanding of the importance of early sales initiation and seasonality adjustments. These strategies have not only driven impressive growth but have also positioned the company as a reference in the Designer furniture landscape.

    As businesses continue to navigate the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, Interior Secrets’ success story serves as a valuable lesson in the importance of diversifying channels, seizing opportunities during peak periods, using AI and adapting to market fluctuations. 

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