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    How big can companies change from end to end? This
    question becomes essential and central to any
    organization in the technological age.

    To become fast and relevant companies and organizations
    need to implement changes and make tough decisions in
    order to implement innovation. All this to survive against
    the day-to-day startups that are born with DNA that might
    never be infused into traditional organizations.

    Many large companies have realized that they cannot
    implement innovation, so they have found a solution that
    in most cases does not prove itself: they acquire innovative
    companies in the hope that these will make the
    organization innovative. Others are setting up a subsidiary
    or innovative unit, which will operate connected or
    detached from the organization, and will be able to operate
    and develop future activities. The challenge in this situation
    is that the innovative parts of the organization are silenced
    by the existing ones, and most investments go down the
    drain. This situation is an accurate description of what is
    happening in the Israeli advertising market.

    In the traditional creative world, everything came first and
    determined how the whole system would work to serve the
    idea. The 4 P’s are actually set to serve and support the
    creative idea and once the idea is chosen (and most often
    the advertising agency also manages the budget). The goal
    was actually achieved and now only the marketing plan –
    and hope for the best – remains.

    The decision on creative and its effectiveness,
    astonishingly, was made from the stomach, sometimes
    without any backing or numerical backing, and as the years
    passed, the creative decision gained excess weight by
    meeting the criteria of award competitions in the
    advertising world. The traditional offices that have always
    aspired to excellence, which is of great value, have built and
    built the creative to win competitions, all of which lean on
    the old world and gut feelings. Over the years, the world of
    advertising has become digital, and such tectonic changes
    have brought it to the forefront, exploring the effectiveness
    of the creative to bring sales results and just as important –
    to build the brand in the long run.

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