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    10 Ways Brands are Using Metaverse + Examples

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    The Metaverse is a new and exciting development in virtual reality. This unique virtual landscape allows users to interact with each other and communicate using virtual spaces.

    With any new development in the virtual world comes new applications for branding. Brands big and small alike are already clamoring to utilize the metaverse as an education platform, marketing, and more.

    Continue reading to find out how different companies use Metaverse to expand their brand.

    Table of Contents

    Things to Consider When Choosing Using the Metaverse

    Before jumping into using the Metaverse products and all of the great ways it can help build your brand, there are a few important aspects to consider.

    The Metaverse Is Still New

    As a relatively new platform, experiences will be harder to develop and will need to be user-friendly.

    No Need To Reinvent The Wheel

    Companies often see new technology and want to do something fresh with it. However, sometimes the most timeless brands succeed because they utilize what already works.

    People Love Games

    One of the most popular activities on the Metaverse is gaming. Finding a way to incorporate your brand into a game may give you an edge over other brands.

    Metaverse Jobs

    As the virtual space continues to expand, more people will be employed to manage these virtual spaces.

    Examples of How Brands Are Using The Metaverse

    Now that you understand what to look for, we can examine examples of how brands in the Metaverse already utilize the tool.


    Disney has wasted no time and has taken a quick interest in the Metaverse.

    Disney has recently obtained a patent for a “virtual-world simulator in a real-world venue.” Disney is developing a Metaverse system where Disney theme park visitors can use an app to interact with augmented reality characters on their phones.

    This Metaverse application stands out because it is much more hands-on than most branding ideas. Disney has taken what is otherwise a primarily virtual platform and has blended it into the real world.

    Beyond just that, Disney’s new system is said to tailor itself to visitors. The app will provide different interactions with different park-goers.


    As a giant tech company, it is no surprise that Samsung is using this new virtual platform to build its brand further. 

    The company has created a virtual version of its pop-up store, the Samsung 837X experience. This virtual store is similar to their in-person pop-up, except that it has the novelty of pioneering a platform.

    The unique experience showcases what products the company has to offer and serves as a more memorable advertisement in an age where virtual stores are not typically so exciting. 


    While other examples on today’s list are self-explanatory, Wendy’s has taken a bit less conventional route.

    Fortnite recently ran a limited-time event where players would compete to earn points for one of two teams. One team was for hamburgers, while the other was for pizza. Wendy’s saw this event as an opportunity to spread awareness of their hamburgers using viral marketing.

    The company streamed on Twitch using its VR mascot to inspire players to join the burger team for Wendy’s. The company saw a major increase in social media mentions right after this event, showing that even unconventional advertising can bring about awareness.


    While Wendy’s took a bit of an obtuse route, Coca-Cola stuck to its roots and has attempted to adapt its usual experiences to the virtual world. 

    Seeing that NFTs have become a popular Metaverse commodity, the company sought to expand its collectible line into a unique Coke NFT set. The NFT collection was auctioned and sold for over $575,000, seeing a massive return on investment.

    Today's examples show that many of the most effective Metaverse experiences are just translations of existing marketing.


    Source: Shutterstock

    AB InBev

    As the largest beer brewer in the world, you might not immediately see AD InBev as one of the most successful brands in the Metaverse. Despite the seemingly unconventional match, the company has succeeded in the Metaverse virtual space.

    The company sponsored Zed Run, a virtual horse racing simulator, to get its name out there to game players. The company has a history of sponsoring real horse-racing events, so the jump to virtual reality was a natural step for the brand.


    Nike is not the first company to sell virtual accessories with Metaverse. Still, they are credited as the first to utilize NFTs. By attaching a non-fungible token to Nike’s virtual shoes, they have effectively given ownership to the buyer so they can seashell their sneakers virtually.


    Christie’s is building a virtual counterpart to their in-person art auction house using the Metaverse.

    The idea behind this project is that virtual Metaverse users will want to buy art to decorate their homes and that Christie’s wants to be the company that can provide them with these assets.


    Selfridges has taken a big initiative on the Metaverse by partnering with designer Charli Cohen to pioneer the first virtual city to showcase clothing.

    The project has been named Electric/City. It serves as a means for Metaverse users to shop both real and virtual clothes using augmented reality in virtual spaces. Naturally, the virtual area is plastered with Selfridges branding, and those who explore it are heavily exposed to their brand.


    Similar to Nike, the luxury brand Gucci has come forward and created some Metaverse fashion. Their exclusive sneakers can be worn using augmented reality or virtual spaces like VRChat.


    Last but not least, we have the Hyundai motor company.

    Hyundai has entered the Metaverse by creating its own Roblox world called Hyundai Mobility Adventure. Roblox is no stranger to brands creating content, but Hyundai is the first motor company to create a full-fledged world for the game.

    This experience looks to grab young customers who utilize virtual space a lot. Players can explore the world using Hyundai-branded vehicles and equipment and aim to develop a relationship with these users.

    Things to Consider When Choosing How to Use the Metaverse

    Now that you have seen how major brands use the Metaverse to expand their audience and engage customers, we can look at specific aspects that work.

    • The Metaverse Is Still Relatively New

    As stated before, the Metaverse is relatively new. It requires a user-friendly design to help get new users acquainted with your virtual space. 

    While this may seem like a detriment to the design process, it also means that there is less competition and that your experience will stand out more because there is less to compare.

    • You Don’t Need To Reinvent The Wheel

    It is also important to make sure that you use what you know. Today’s examples show that many of the most effective Metaverse experiences are just translations of existing marketing.

    • People Love Games

    As the most popular activity on the Metaverse, it is highly effective to integrate your brand into a game. Brands such as Wendy’s have seen major success on the Metaverse by associating their image with a popular experience. 

    • Metaverse Jobs

    The Metaverse is a big place, and all of these interactable experiences require a hand to help run them. Remember that part of your branding could include managing these virtual spaces.

    Main Takeaways

    While still a relatively new and changing platform, brands on the Metaverse, such as Disney, Samsung, and Wendy’s, have continued to create experiences with great success.

    Companies wishing to host memorable campaigns for their brand should look into the successful Metaverse products on today’s list. These examples demonstrate that the Metaverse is not only great for personal communication but for brand communication as well.

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