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    6 Graphic Design Trends For Your Next Campaign as a Marketer

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    Staying up-to-date with nowadays’s design trends is essential for keeping your brand relevant and successful. Almost every brand or company has a unique design style; however, some significant trends apply to their brand, from their social media platforms, apps, logos to websites.

    Suppose you plan to promote your brand on a digital surface or create a new brand identity. In that case, you should check out these six prominent design trends applied by the biggest and most successful companies around the globe.

    Table of Contents

    Flat Design

    While we all know that trends come and go, the ‘Flat Design’ trend has been tried and true for almost a decade. 

    Why? Huge companies such as Apple and Google altered their appearance to go flat from a branding point of view, causing a massive domino effect. Since then, many companies have started to follow in these giants’ footsteps as they became increasingly popular.

    Flat designs are a design style that uses two-dimensional elements and often uses bright colors in a very simplistic manner.

    So why should you apply the flat design to your marketing campaign? The flat design shows confidence by emphasizing that less is actually more while still offering stylized aesthetics just like other company giants.

    flat design

    Dark Mode

    Dark Mode has become a fan favorite for many users since its launch and has become a trend in today’s user interface. Apple, for example, launched its Dark Mode theme in iOS 13.0 and influenced many of its users to implement it. 

    Studies have shown that white text on a dark background contrasts more than black text on a white background, which keeps more attraction to your eyes. As a result, it is used primarily in TV and Cinema apps, such as Netflix. This is especially effective in darker settings when users might require an extra push to focus on the content by reading subtitles.

    dark mode


    Transforming various messages into quotes is an excellent idea and emphasizes artistic typography. However, when using quotations in your marketing campaign, it is recommended to retain the same brand identity by creating a relationship with the other graphics created by the brand.

    A successful campaign is one where the message is clear, attracts the target audience correctly, and delivers excellent messages through clear visuals igniting the interest of digital crowds.

    You can use quotes in many ways as they work very well as a call to action or, for instance, as a way of linking other media types (such as podcasts, episodes, or webinars). Quotes show trustability and tease your brain to want more content; a great example can be shown with testimonials.

    Y2K Nostalgia

    Sharing a collective nostalgia is incredibly powerful, especially nostalgia from the 90s. Everyone loves a throwback, or a “blast from the past,” if you will.

    Y2K nostalgia includes a lot of bright colors, simple shapes, and pixel art. We often see variations of Y2K nostalgia mixed with modern elements, which are very interesting to see integrated with other trends.

    It’s not surprising why this is such a popular trend; with artists in the music industry like Britney Spears resurfacing and binging old “comfort” shows during the covid isolation, we can’t help but bring ourselves back to a familiar, simpler time. Marketers who apply retro/nostalgic graphics to their campaigns will get the eye-catching effect they aim for.

    Y2K nostalgia

    Text-Heavy Videos

    In today’s social media-obsessed society, most people choose to view videos and feed without sound, whether in public, without headphones, or even by themselves. As a result, making text-heavy videos by adding subtitles has become increasingly popular, with auto-captioning on Instagram stories and TikTok videos taking this trend by storm.

    User-generated content of all types with textual lines will still be as strong this coming year. These videos ramp up engagements, including collaborations with users or informative/sponsored ads from brands, all the while easily maintaining a unified front, color palette, and voice-over while leaving enough room for uniqueness. 


    “God is in the details,” said Ludwig Mies van der Rohe; and in UI design, micro-interactions are those little details.

    Micro-interactions are an exciting trend that makes up little moments of user interaction with an app’s/website’s interface. Designers and marketers from around the world agree that micro-interactions contribute positively to the look and feel of a digital product since they give users an area of interaction, and an excellent experience for users and potential leads.

    Final Thoughts

    In general, UI/UX, Graphic Design, and Marketing are all close friends. A successful campaign is one where the message is clear, attracts the target audience correctly, and delivers excellent messages through clear visuals igniting the interest of digital crowds. Marketers who understand the latest trends in the industry can collaborate easier with designers, and using these six trends, you’ll be able to develop successful campaigns.

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