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    Are Native TikTok Ads or Repurposed TikTok Ads More Effective?

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    A study by Magna Global and TikTok suggests that native and repurposed TikTok ads positively impact brand favorability, purchase intent, and search intent. However, both ads are perceived differently by TikTok users. While native ads reached wider audiences, repurposed ads boosted memorability. Both encouraged brand perception. 

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    In partnership with TikTok, Magna Global commissioned a study to uncover the efficacy of native ads created by repurposing broadcast or streaming services ads for Tiktok. The study was conducted as part of the Magna Media Trials and identified many creative best practices for marketing on TikTok.

    Overall, the study found that both forms of TikTok ads resulted in an 8% increase in brand favorability, a 6% increase in purchase intent, and a 7% increase in search intent. Even so, native and repurposed ads had contrasting perceptions for TikTok users.

    Native TikTok Ads

    Native TikTok ads spiked purchase intent in beauty and search intent in entertainment by 6% each. Additionally, native ads caused a jump in brand perception by 7%. TikTok users perceived native ads as “interesting” and “fun.” 

    Native ads were particularly good at reaching wider audiences, as the ads look and feel like native TikTok content. Magna observed that new customers would view native ads for 27% longer. Search intent for the brand was also boosted by 7%.

    Repurposed TikTok Ads

    Repurposed TikTok ads experienced a 37% increase in “memorability.” In brand perception, repurposed TikTok ads saw a 25% boost in the “relevant” division and a 24% jump in “creative.”

    TikTok Advertising Best Practices

    Magnum shared three other trends that can help optimize native and repurposed TikTok ads. 

    • Authenticity is crucial to the success of native TikTok ads

    TikTok users view TikTok as an authentic alternative to other social media platforms. Consequently, TikTok users view inauthentic advertisement content unfavorably. Inauthentic TikTok ads were 19% less effective at driving purchase intent.

    Fortunately, authentic TikTok ads don’t require high production value. In contrast, embracing native effects such as transitions, trending sounds, and voiceovers greatly conveys authenticity to TikTok users. 

    • Native ads appeal to new customers

    Native ads are far superior at appealing to new audiences. Native ads viewed by non-brand purchasers had longer watch times. Additionally, viewers perceived brands that produced native ads on TikTok as more creative and fun. They were also more likely to search for the brand later on. 

    • Creative storytelling is a driver of impact for repurposed ads

    The absence of creative storytelling held the strongest loss in key metrics. However, storytelling isn’t the only aspect of creating repurposed TikTok ads. Repurposed TikTok ads need to be reformatted to fit the vertical aspect ratio of TikTok’s feed. Reformatting to a vertical orientation increased purchase intent by 8%, relevance perception by 7%, and creativity perception by 3%. 

    Jorge Ruiz, global head of marketing science at TikTok, is hopeful about these new findings. He mentioned that “the study brings new guidance on how to think about native versus repurposed ads.”

    Source: ADWEEK

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