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    Google Makes ‘Ads Creative Studio’ Tool Available to All Businesses

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    Everything You Need to Know in Less Than 50 Words

    Google’s Ads Creative Studio is now open to all business users, enabling them to reach greater creative heights with existing assets. In addition, the new system gives greater creative freedom and opportunities to users who need a little help in those departments.

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    Google’s Ads Creative Studio was in a beta release several months ago. However, the announcement means the service is now available for all users who need a leg up on generating dynamic and thought-provoking advertisements. 

    Google announced the product’s release on their Ads & Commerce blog, saying that with consumers expecting greater branded and relevant content, Ads Creative Studio will be helpful to all.

    They also stated that delivering this kind of service can be complex and costly on any scale, even more so for video ads. Understandably, many marketing professionals had to quit their effectiveness gains, those that come from customizable advertising. But, thanks to Ads Creative Studio, they won’t have to endure this anymore.

    How Does Ads Creative Studio Work? 

    Ads Creative Studio works by using existing assets within your Google Ads accounts. Those assets include text, imagery, and video.

    Google’s Ads Creative Studio is now open to all business users, enabling them to reach greater creative heights with existing assets

    A single display or video ad can now be created in dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of different variations. In addition, users can now specify whatever part of the ad creative they want to make “swappable,” such as a product image, overlay text, or music, and offer many variations of that part based on parameters you establish. 

    Say you had an audience interested in old video games or new technologies used to play old video games. You can establish rules to change text overlays on your video creatives, and those rules will be immediately applied and rendered quickly. This on-the-fly editing allows for quick reviews among team members and the generation of more assets.

    Tool Also Allows for Greater Collaboration and Less Production Time, Company Says

    Google says another fringe benefit of the Ads Creative Studio tool is the ability to integrate it with Google Ads, Display and Video 360, and Campaign Manager 360. 

    The tool allows for exporting projects straight to other Google products such as Google Ads, or you can share all the assets among team members for greater accessibility and collaboration. 

    The company also brags that several test cases have shown them that it can reduce production times on creative campaigns. 

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      How Do I Access Ads Creative Studio?

      Ads Creative Studio can be accessed through Google’s website. You can start using the service by signing in with your existing Google account or creating a new account. 

      You will have to go through the setup process, like adding the name of your business and granting file access to other users for the platform. 

      Google says users can begin integrating the service with all other platforms once the setup phase is complete. In addition, exporting projects will be a snap once all services are connected to Ads Creative Studio. 

      Source: Google

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