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    Google Merchant Center Auto-Tagging Now Supported on All Shopping Experiences

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    Everything You Need to Know in Less Than 50 Words

    Google has opened Auto-Tagging for products in Google Merchant Center for free listings and local listings experiences. The change enables marketers to monitor conversions from their website’s free product listings more accurately.

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    A change has come for Google Merchant Center that allows marketing professionals to tag products automatically. Google announced the change in their Merchant Center. 

    With the auto-tagging feature, the statement expressed that marketing professionals can view conversions for free local listings and every other listing on Google. The previous version of auto-tagging only worked on the Shopping tab listings. Marketers can also apply a web analytics tool to measure the effectiveness of each listing.

    The change is easily enabled by logging in to your Merchant Center account, clicking on the gear icon, selecting “Conversion settings,” and toggling “Auto-tagging” to On. 

    Luckily, you do not need to do anything if auto-tagging is already in use on your Merchant Center account. Any additional data generated from auto-tagging now automatically appear in your reporting software. 

    Google has opened Auto-Tagging for products in Google Merchant Center for free listings and local listings experiences.

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    So What Does This Mean for Merchant Center Users? 

    Auto-tagging now adds a parameter to URLs for aiding in tracking offline conversion. It will also help with ad performance tracking on Google Analytics. 

    Each URL your customer’s click will feature a Google Click Identifier to help more easily identify which ad was clicked by a user. This can help Google Analytics show users which keyword brought a user to the site, how much it cost, and which campaign generated the click. 

    Auto-tagging hopes to allow for more robust data for Google Merchant Center users to turn into revenue opportunities. 

    Google Merchant Center Free Listings Have Been a “Game-Changer”

    Several marketing groups have praised Google for offering free listings on their Shopping tab. 

    The free listings help small businesses with a free way to list their goods on Google Search and the Google Shopping tab. Lately, the listings have been extended to a broader range of locations across the search engine giant’s portfolio.

    Businesses can have their products placed organically below advertised products with this feature. However, whether or not your products are featured higher in listings depends on user searches and the quality of your product’s data. Therefore, ensure you stay proactive on your data through edits and filling in all data entry points.

    Google Showcased Recent Ad Changes at Event

    On May 24, 2022, Google conducted a Marketing Live event to showcase several updates to their services, including a stronger focus on video ads and ad automation.

    Additionally, the business displayed updates to its Insights services. As a result, users of the service can find underserved advertising zones using insights, which provide a robust data set. Additional updates to Insights will also enable the automatic production of advertising using data gathered from existing ads and marketing landing pages.

    Source: Search Engine Land

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