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    How to Get the Most Success With Microsoft Ads on Shopify

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    Shopify is a renowned all-in-one e-commerce platform. It allows sellers to build and manage their stores from one streamlined dashboard. Creating a Shopify store is the first step to a successful business. But you must also dedicate your resources to marketing and advertising your store. This is where Microsoft Ads come in.

    As an online seller, advertising is vital to the success of your e-commerce store. It improves your brand’s visibility and reach while giving you a great return on investment. You can advertise your Shopify store on Microsoft’s network using Microsoft Ads. By using the ad service, you can reach a global audience. 

    Some best practices can help you get the most success when using Microsoft Ads on Shopify. Read on to find out what they are.


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    Research your audience and study Microsoft Ads options and features

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    A successful Microsoft Ads campaign

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    What Are Microsoft Ads? 

    Microsft Ads allow you to advertise your brand on the Microsoft Search Network. This includes search engine marketing and native advertising.

    If you opt for search engine marketing, you’ll need to research which keywords your potential customers are using and use those in your ad. When there’s a match, your ad will show on the first page of results, which increases brand awareness and the probability of a sale. 

    Native advertising consists of showing your ad on websites from the Microsft Audience Network, such as CBS Sports or Fox Business. 

    You’ll be able to choose from different ad types and mediums (text, video, images, etc.). You can also select a certain audience for your ad based on demographics. 

    The #1 Reason You Need to Know About How to Optimize Microsoft Ads on Shopify

    Knowing how to be successful with Microsoft Ads on Shopify will help you improve conversion rates. More people may buy from your store if you use the ads correctly. You’ll only have to ensure that you can fulfill more orders.

    How to Get the Most Out of Microsoft Ads on Shopify in 6 Easy Steps

    Microsoft Ads is a useful resource for Shopify merchants looking to enhance their brand reach. The ad service can help you significantly boost conversions. Here is a breakdown of how to do exactly that.

    • Make a realistic campaign budget
    • Know your audience
    • Use the right keywords
    • Write a winning ad
    • Ensure your ad copy and site copy are complimentary
    • Analyze the campaign’s success

    1.   Make a Realistic Campaign Budget

    To get started, determine the amount you’re willing to spend daily on Microsoft advertising for Shopify. The calculation is simple. Divide the entire month’s advertising budget by the number of days in the month. 

    With Microsoft Ads, starting with a smaller advertising budget is better. You can increase the budget allocation as you become more familiar with the ad service. 

    2.   Know Your Audience

    You must determine your target audience to succeed with Microsoft Ads on Shopify. One way to do that is to customize your campaign to your audience’s location.

    When selecting a location type, it’s better to go with “people in my targeted area.” Inputting “people searching in my targeted area” won’t be as effective. 

    When writing your ad, make sure the ad copy matches your site copy.

    3.   Use the Right Keywords

    You may have the most amazing product and a high advertising budget. However, the campaign may still not be successful if you don’t optimize it using the right keywords. 

    Determine the search terms and phrases you want to appear in the search results. Proceed to include those keywords in your Microsoft Ad. Some helpful tips and tricks for choosing keywords include:

    • Choose the keywords that your target audience uses
    • Make the keywords as specific as possible
    • Ensure you include related keywords that buyers may use in their search

    4.   Write a Winning Ad

    After doing all the prep work; it’s time to write your ad. Come up with an ad that grabs the reader’s attention and encourages them to click. So, how do you write such an ad? 

    Include relevant keywords and phrases as discussed above. Also, ensure you add a powerful and clear call to action. You can also add a selling point such as fast delivery. 

    5.   Ensure Your Ad Copy and Site Copy Are Complimentary

    When writing your ad, make sure the ad copy matches your site copy. Maybe your ad is about fashionable dresses. The content on your site should be promoting the same thing.

    You will disappoint your audience if the ad promotes dresses, but your landing page is about shoes. You’ll have a poor conversion rate if there’s a disconnect between the ad and your site.

    6.   Analyze the Campaign’s Success

    Even after setting up the ad, you’re not done. You need to evaluate how well the campaign is regularly doing. One way to do that is to check the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Return on Investment (ROI).

    Wrapping Up 

    The introduction of Microsoft Ads on Shopify presents an excellent opportunity for sellers. The ad service helps merchants gain a competitive edge. Following the steps above, you can get the most out of Microsoft ads and be a top-notch Shopify seller.

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