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    How to submit My Data Feed to Facebook Catalog?

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    This is how you can upload your feed to Facebook Catalog

    Log into your Facebook account and enter the Catalog Manager:

    catalog manager

    Click on Create Catalog:

    Select your Catalog Type:

    select your catalog type

    Fill in the requested info and click on Upload Product Info; Owner, Catalog Name, Website (optional).

    upload product info

    Follow along our step-by-step guide to upload your data feed items to Facebook Catalog.

    Click on Data Sources > Add Products:

    If you have a feed, click on Use Bulk Upload:

    add products to your catalog

    Select Scheduled feed, to update your feed on a scheduled time frame:

    choose upload option

    Copy paste the feed’s URL in the Enter URL box:

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      Choose how often your feed should be updated:

      schedule updates

      Give the feed a name and choose your currency.

      Click Upload.

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