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    How To Upgrade Google Conversion Tracking To Enhanced Conversion

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    Google has introduced enhanced conversion for a while now; however, I found it is still difficult for me (a digital marketing expert with limited coding experience) to find a solution to upgrade it. Luckily, I got help from Google tech support, who guided me step by step to turn on the enhanced conversion in the Google Ad account for clients using Shopify to manage their store. This article is written for people like me who are also struggling with the setup of enhanced conversion. 

    Before we start, please note the below tutorials have limitations and some prerequisites. It is not from any official document by Google or Shopify. It is through the experience of a phone conversation between Google tech support and myself, so if you have any concerns or questions, I strongly suggest you contact your Google representative or website developer before conducting the following steps.

    The prerequisites of the below steps are as follows:

    1. You are using Shopify to manage your store
    2. Conversion action is already installed. (the enhanced conversion function is turned on)

    Disclaimer: Shopify access is not needed, only the Google Ad System.

    Step 1. Go to the conversion page of the Ad account.

    how to upgrade google conversion tracking to enhanced conversion

    Step 2. Pick the conversion that you would like to upgrade to enhanced conversion. Here I will use the purchase as an example.

    Step 3. Check the box ”Turn on Enhanced Conversions” and select Global Site Tag or Google Tag Manager to set up the enhanced conversion.

    Step 4. Input the URL and check the URL.

    upgrade google conversion tracking to enhanced conversion

    Step 5. Once validated by Google, several options can be selected to send with enhanced conversion. Please note that not all of the options need to be selected.

    Step 6. Check the box email, select ”Javascript,” and enter “” like below.

    Now the setup is done! Easy and simple. Once you finish the settings, come back after 1-2 days to see if the settings are correct. There is a diagnostic page showing the enhanced conversion status. 

    google ads

    In case the system tells you that there is not enough data for enhanced conversion, you can also check the box of Phone and Name and Address and input the below parameters:


    Name and Address: 






    I have performed these steps for several accounts successfully, so I would like to share this knowledge with my fellow PPC specialists as well. Again, while I am not a professional website developer, should you have any questions or doubts regarding the steps above, contact your Google representative and/ or website developer. 

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