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    LinkedIn Is Launching Business Manager

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    Everything You Need to Know In Less Than 50 Words

    LinkedIn is launching a new feature on their website known as Business Manager. LinkedIn Business Manager is a centralized platform that allows users to manage their work in one location. The feature is mainly for LinkedIn’s B2B customers.

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    LinkedIn Business Manager is aimed directly toward large enterprises and agencies. The features provided may not have inherent benefits for all users, but LinkedIn users and marketers who focus on B2B can utilize the update to save time and money.

    LinkedIn Business Manager will make managing individuals, advertising accounts, pages, and company partners easier for its users. With this new centralized platform, LinkedIn aims to reduce time-consuming and unnecessary management for its users. 

    LinkedIn has accomplished this task by integrating its other features under one dashboard. While streamlining its offerings, the networking website has added additional features that allow ease of rights transfer to let authorized users manage your ad accounts in your place. 

    Why LinkedIn Is Launching Business Manager

    According to Gyanda Sachdeva, vice president of product management, LinkedIn users have asked for a centralized platform to help them manage their work from one dashboard. 

    Why users are asking for a centralized platform makes complete sense. LinkedIn does provide avenues of features for people to use, but they’re under different pages and separate accounts.

    LinkedIn, as a platform, focuses on bringing businesses and people together to find job opportunities and beneficial partnerships with other companies. With this update, they’ll be accomplishing that same goal.

    Now, with Business Manager, users can access everything from one location, increasing their workflow drastically.  

    LinkedIn Business Manager is a centralized platform that allows users to manage their work in one location.

    Why Business Manager Matters

    Agencies and businesses that focus on B2B transactions and interactions now have access to tools to cut costs while also being efficient. LinkedIn Business Manager will change the way agencies use the site entirely. 

    The amount of time saved from LinkedIn alone is reason enough for users to get excited, but the potential to reach new customers more efficiently is another reason. 

    For example, Business Manager users can migrate their audiences between ad accounts. This feature gives users the ability to scale marketing campaigns with fantastic speed. 

    Business Manager allows marketers to shift efforts in a streamlined and convenient fashion. Organization becomes more straightforward, and users will be able to direct their attention toward building leads and improving their marketing campaigns. 

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      How It Works

      Business Manager offers dashboard functionality to manage your team better. Creating this centralized dashboard allows quick access to your team members, advertising accounts, and company pages. 

      On the Business Manager, the user can see tabs on the left side that give them access to People, Partners, Ad accounts, Pages, and matched audiences. From the dashboard, users will also have the option to go to Home or adjust their Settings.

      From early test groups’ success with the new tool, users can confidently assume that LinkedIn Business Manager will positively impact their workflow.

      Release Date

      LinkedIn Business Manager’s launch has no actual release date, only confirmation that it will happen soon. 

      Source: Search Engine Land

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