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    Microsoft Advertising Expands to 29 New Countries

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    Microsoft is adding 29 new European and African countries and 19 new languages for certain advertising products and ad formats. This change will help Microsoft reach more customers in 2022 than ever before.

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    As of February 14, 2022, Microsoft reports that they have nearly doubled the number of available markets accessible to advertisers. This means that now, Microsoft Ads is available in 29 more countries and 19 more languages, which allows advertisers to reach even more consumers. 

    This expansion will increase the reach to 41 million additional customers, resulting in 400 million additional monthly searches on Microsoft and their partners’ sites.

    The countries Microsoft is expanding into, along with the new languages they will now support include:

    • Albania (+ Albanian language)
    • Andorra
    • Bosnia (+ Bosnian language)
    • Bulgaria (+ Bulgarian language)
    • Croatia (+ Croatian language)
    • Cyprus (+ Greek language)
    • Czech Republic (+ Czech language)
    • Estonia (+ Estonian language)
    • Greece (+ Greek language)
    • Hungary (+ Hungarian language)
    • Iceland (+ Icelandic language)
    • Latvia (+ Latvian language)
    • Lichtenstein
    • Lithuania (+ Lithuanian language)
    • Luxembourg
    • Malta (+ Maltese language)
    • Monaco
    • Montenegro
    • North Macedonia (+ Macedonian language)
    • Poland (+ Polish language)
    • Portugal
    • Romania (+ Romanian language)
    • Serbia (+ Serbian language)
    • Slovakia (+Slovak language)
    • Slovenia (+ Slovenian language)
    • South Africa
    • Turkey (+ Turkish language)
    • Vatican City

    The ad formats and products these countries are now able to utilize include:

    • Automated bidding
    • Audience targeting
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Text ads
    • Responsive Search Ads
    • Dynamic Remarketing
    • Dynamic Search Ads
    • Partner Program (only in Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, and South Africa for now)
    • Remarketing
    • Shopping Campaigns
    • Target return on ad spend (ROAS)
    • Universal Event Tracking (UET)

    As 2022 progresses, Microsoft has plans to expand even further into Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia. This global expansion will bring even more language support with it. 

    Microsoft has redesigned its Policy Site and will continue to update its ad policies to accommodate its new global advertising changes. Country-specific requirements are now more visible through clicking country-specific drop-down menus. 

    The expansion of Microsoft advertising globally is likely to attract more advertisers that sell goods on a global scale. Current Microsoft advertising partners can grow more rapidly with products available on a global level without having to make international connections.

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      Our Two Cents 

      Microsoft Advertising expansion is a long-awaited step, greatly welcomed by advertisers. Yet, we believe it’s also Microsoft’s attempt to cope with the butterfly effect in personal privacy enhancements following the iOS 14 restrictions in 2021.

      Expanding advertising to new regions will allow Microsoft to enlarge its first-party data reservoir and collect valuable information about its audience, which in turn will provide us, the advertisers, more acute targeting.

      Source: Microsoft

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