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    How Does TikTok Grow a New Generation of Branding?

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    The new branding techniques that bury traditional marketing

    Believe it or not, TikTok is a big contributor to new branding techniques. Branding has been shifting more and more as technology advances.

    Since branding techniques are changing, we as marketers need to change as well. Traditional branding used to be portrayed through billboards, magazines, newspapers, radio ads, and telemarketing.

    Now it has geared towards social media platforms, YouTube, and online ads. It is not as common to advertise through billboards anymore as we used to.

    As sad as it is, we need to keep moving forward with what is trending because that is our future. Advancements in technology make it possible to do this. Nowadays, many people use TikTok to help create a brand identity through various techniques that will further be discussed in this article.

    As branding techniques are changing, we as marketers need to change as well. How does TikTok form a new generation of branding?

    First of all, what is branding, and why is it important to a brand?

    Branding is a crucial part of a company. Effective branding skills can make or break a brand. There are many ways that branding can be achieved. So what exactly is branding?

     “The process of researching, developing, and applying a distinctive feature or set of features to your organization so that consumers can begin to associate your brand with your products or services.” 

    When branding is done correctly, consumers have a solid vision of what the brand is about. The result of effective branding is an established brand identity. This is how consumers view your brand. 

    The identity of a brand is like the personality of a person. Your goal is for consumers to associate your brand with its personality.

    For example, we all know Apple is a sophisticated and luxurious brand. Marketers are always trying to find ways to brand successfully. This is why knowing the new branding techniques might save you time and effort!

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      The mentality shift

      As consumers progress and evolve, so do marketers. This is why it is a marketer’s job to keep up with the modern strategies because they control how consumers will react and progress.

      Having mobile devices makes marketing much more accessible to consumers. However, things are changing, and it is crucial that you stay on track with the trends and effective marketing strategies. 

      There has been a shift in the branding mentality because before, we would only advertise the final product when it was all pretty and complete.

      However, now consumers enjoy seeing how the product is made and behind the scenes of the company. This may be because the older generation was more conventional, so it was not as accepted to show behind the scenes as it is encouraged today.

      The reason consumers like to see behind the scenes of a company is that they feel like they can connect to the brand on another level.

      These days we are so used to doing everything online that the whole interaction part is almost non-existent. When you can see what an employee does on their daily job, you feel like you are not just part of the end result but as well as the process. It is like having the human interaction part but online, where it is convenient and effortless. 

      How to approach branding on TikTok?

      As a consumer, I have to admit I enjoy watching TikTok videos that show how people package their products. You feel like you are part of the journey and that you contributed something to the company.

      It is cool to see a day in the life of a brand you care about. Imagine watching what happens behind the scenes at Adcore. The behind-the-scenes videos would show you more than just the professional aspect of the company.

      You might see how the CEO makes his coffee every morning or what he eats for lunch. All these little details make you feel part of the brand.

      This is why utilizing TikTok for branding might be a great idea. You can post videos of your employees either being serious or foolish. Here are some ideas you can use to show behind the scenes of your company:

      • Interview employees (you can ask funny questions)
      • Ask an employee to record their whole day in short snips
      • Show your workspace, whether it is an office or factory
      • Making an ongoing joke where your viewers can follow along throughout your videos
      • Show what you do on your break time or lunch break
      • Record any cool company events or launches
      • Give tips to consumers about your company
      • Share your most challenging thing at work
      • Give short tutorials on how to do something related to your company

      This way, consumers feel like they are constantly with you and that they know you. One important tip in recording these videos on TikTok is to act normal and non-formal (as if the camera were not there).

      The reason people love behind-the-scenes videos is that it is not staged. The videos should be light-hearted and simple. 

      In addition, you can use effects and music to make the videos more engaging. Don’t make the videos too long because viewers might get bored and move to the next video. But most importantly, be CONSISTENT.

      You want your viewers to build excitement for your new videos; this is why you need to post consistently.

      Example from Duolingo App: Consistent inside joke using a mascot. 

      Example from LinkedIn: Behind the scenes of an employees day. 

      To Conclude:

      Overall, hopping on the trends is important to succeed in branding, especially in TikTok branding. At first, it might be hard to adapt to the differences, but eventually, you become a pro.

      You might want to remember that something that works for one brand may not work for the other. So do not get intimidated by another brand’s branding fail.

      Every company is different, and there is no one size fits all when it comes to branding. This is why you should try each TikTok idea mentioned earlier and see what sticks!

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